Carlos Beltran on his reluctant curtain call at Shea on Thursday:

“Like I say, at the beginning, I don’t feel like doing it, but I just put myself in the situation of what would God have done in a situation like that. You know, I’m a Christian guy, and after getting booed the first two days, and all of a sudden you come through and get a hit and all of a sudden they want you to go out in a curtain call, I put myself right there and I do believe God would have gone out.” – New York Post.

(Thanks Paul)

2 Responses to “Would Jesus take a curtain call?”

  1. Daniel Eberle says:

    This is a fantastic example of an inspiring quote from a decidedly uninspiring player, Carlos Beltran. Talk about one of the most overpaid players in the majors. I think he’s provided mets fans and all fantasy players who had him on their team last year some insight as to why he’s sucked ever since joining the mets: his mind isn’t in the game. Instead of trying to hit Jon Lieber’s hanging slider out of the park, he’s pondering what Jesus would do. Would Jesus be pious enough to realize that this is not Jon’s best pitch and therefore do the moral thing by not embarrassing poor Jon and let the pitch pass, belt high for a strike? Are these the great moral questions Carlos Beltran ponders during a game? What about when he collided with Mike Cameron in the outfield last year? Was he “sacrificing” himself in some way for a greater good? Is THAT what Jesus would have done in his situation???

    The whole quote is hilarious and a wonderful example of how dim-witted the majorty of professional athletes really are. It puts in sharp perspective comments made by articulate players like Mike Mussina. If you have nothing smart to say, don’t say anything at all, Carlos!!! Here’s a suggestion: shut up and hit the damn ball!!!

  2. Dan, I agree that the comment is idiotic – that’s why I posted it. But your anti-NY sentiments are clouding any sort of judgments you may at one point or another once had. What exactly would a ballplayer say to prove that his head’s “in the game”? Talk about how they’re “warriors” and that a game is a “battle” and any other militaristic analogy/cliche that springs to mind?

    And let’s not forget that Johnny Damon’s book “Idiot” has him bragging about how he cheated on his first wife. And then there’s Manny after being asked why he disappeared into the scoreboard of the Green Monster in the sixth-inning of a game: “I pissed in a cup”. How’s that for focus?

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