8 Responses to “Write your own caption”

  1. Is that a new shampoo?

  2. Before landing an uppercut on the right side of Kendall’s head, John Lackey proceded to smooch him on the left side. They have a love-hate thing.

  3. Ben Eberle says:

    I guess this is the type of fighting the A’s offense has been forced to go to now that Frank Thomas is emphatically NOT the answer for them….

  4. “Hey Mathis!”

    “Yeah, Lackey?”

    “What do you feel like for lunch?”

    “Hmm….not sure.”

    “How about…..KENDALL SANDWICH!!!!”

  5. dan eberle says:

    Kendall: “This is going to be such a hot threesome…”

  6. Nick Kapur says:

    Menage a Trois with a bit of fisting.

  7. “don’t worry boys, there’s enough of me for the both of you”

  8. Nick Kapur says:

    But why is it a California plate? We don’t love Smoltz in California.

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