The New York Times oversells it just a teensy bit today. The paper of record’s description of Hideki Matsui’s broken wrist in the first inning:

As stomach-turning injuries go, Matsui’s could rank with the broken legs of Joe Theismann on “Monday Night Football” and Tim Krumrie in the Super Bowl. The twist was that it happened to the foremost ironman in baseball.

Ugh, dudes? This may be Red Sox-Yankees—and believe me, as a card-carrying member of the Fenway Faithful, I know each game seems like the Super Bowl—but it’s still just one of 162 regular season games. It’s still just May. Krumrie’s leg bones snapped in three different places, and Theismann ended up with his tibia and fibula literally sticking up out of his flesh. Matsui didn’t exactly get slammed by linebackers, “foremost ironman” or no. We’re not talking a head-to-head collision in the outfield or a Tony C-type beanball or a hard liner back to the mound. Yeah, it’s not mysterious knee stiffness. It’s not an unexplained It’s hardly akin to the minor woes of a certain centerfielder.

Matsui will need surgery and he’s not going to be back anytime soon. And I realize that New Yorkers have a rather myopic view of the world (ie, they think the midwest starts somewhere in Jersey and that Boston is on the border with Canada) but compare Matsui’s break with and then tell me where it ranks.

Ugh, that hurt!!!

Ugh!! That hurt…

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