A mere 20 months after Barry Bonds hit his 700th career home run, he finally hit No. 714 to tie Babe Ruth on the all-time list. Today we start the clock on No. 715. Question: do you care? David Wells sure doesn’t.

“He’s hit a few home runs off me while he was juiced. Look at him, the man is enormous…He’s admitted taking it, but not knowingly. I think that’s a crock,” Wells said. “I would never take something without knowing what I was putting in my body. There’s no way. I don’t think anyone in here would put something in their body without knowing what the effect could be….To me, if you’ve cheated as a player, that’s as bad as being a scab.”

Even the 19-year old kid, Tyler Snyder, who caught the ball was less-than-impressed:

Snyder does plan to sell the ball, too, and maintained there is no way he would give it to Bonds.

“Hell no, I hate that guy,” said Snyder, who left the ballpark shortly after catching the ball.

Asked if he would not at least like to meet Bonds at some point to show him the ball, Snyder reiterated, “Maybe. But I don’t really care for the guy.”

Ouch. Any UmpBumpers out there want to stand up for Barry? Here’s a round-up of what others are saying. My personal favorite is from grasping ball-stealer Doug Mientkiewicz:

“Good for him. I can’t imagine what that guy goes through every day. To me, you can’t take away what he’s done.”

Oh, but YOU can take it away, Dougie! You can take it and put it in a case on your mantel!

3 Responses to “Finally.”

  1. I’ve been quiet on this one since pretty much everyone else has said what there needs to be said. One thing I herd on ESPN radio the other day is this, think about the fact that Bonds, asuming he was juiced, played in an era where a lot of the sluggers — and pitchers — in the league also were juiced. And he still manages to hit 714 HRs.

    Gotta give him that.

  2. Danny O says:

    I’m no fan of Barry, but I gotta say this: Even if Bonds was till 185 pounds like back in 1988, he’d still one of the greatest hitters of all time. The man has an incredible eye and great control of the bat. Nobody can take that away from him.

    On a side note regarding the kid who caught the ball: Throw it back! You’d get a call within 15 minutes to go on Letterman. And best of all, no one would ever question that you are a hardcore A’s fan. You’d be in the A’s Fans Hall of Fame.

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