According to a survey of 470 major leaguers, A.J. Pierzynski of the White Sox is the most bean-able baseball player in America. Asked “Which major leaguer would you most like to see get beaned?”, 18% of respondents picked A.J., while 14% chose Barry Bonds. Pedro Martinez was a distant third, with 6%. The runners-up were Alex Rodriguez (5%), Albert Pujols (3%), and Curt Schilling (2%). Jose Guillen, Milton Bradley, Jeff Kent, David Ortiz, and Manny Ramirez each got 1% of the vote.

It’s understandable that players would pick Barry “I thought it was flaxseed oil” Bonds. I can see why they picked A-Rod (252 million reasons) and Pujols (24 reasons, and counting). Pedro has hit 123 batters and Curt Schilling…well. He’s Curt Schilling. Most of the players up there are very good—jealousy explains their presence on the list. But A.J.? He’s average. Is he just that much of an asshole?

Fuck you, too, pal!

Well, Pierzynski drew more than 42% of the vote in his native AL Central, and his own manager admitted he’d have picked him if he’d been asked. Even at his (only) fan-site, 58% of poll respondents said they hated him. Ouch. I guess that’s what happens when you knee your own trainer in the balls.

Does that mean that Michael Barrett has been getting a lot of free drinks?

5 Responses to “He Hate Me”

  1. BTW, that’s Ozzie Guillen Jr. in the background.

  2. Ruth, Aaron, Mays, Rose, Cobb.

  3. Babe Ruth, Willie Mays, Ty Cobb, Hank Aaron, Stan Musial?????

  4. Coley Ward says:

    ok, Zvee, Lance…you’re both right. Dan Eberle, who compiles our trivia questions, is a bit of an idiot. When he asked, “who are the five plaers who are ahead of bonds on the career total bases list?” He meant, “who are the six players ahead of Bond?”

    The answer is Ruth, Aaron, Mays, Rose, Cobb and Musial.

    Dan will be severely punished for such sloppy a sloppy question.

  5. COLEY!!!

    Denise just told me that Mechelle Harris is in the ATL now.

    You HAVE to get in touch with her.

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