Right back atcha, America!In this year’s Harris Poll of America’s favorite athletes, there are¬†only two baseball players on the list. cheap essay writing services Derek Jeter ranks fourth (after Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, and Brett Favre), which I suppose is understandable, however painful it may be for me personally. This is Jeter’s third year on the list, which he has climbed steadily. After Jeter, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Shaq, Kobe, LeBron James, and Jeff Gordon each make an appearance.

But who is No. 10? Who is America’s other favorite baseball player, after Derek Jeter? Who exhibits the excellence, class, poise, integrity, and character to appear alongside such men? (Well, aside from Kobe “It was consensual” Bryant.)

Why, Barry Bonds, natch. Making his debut on the list this year, of all years. And on the West coast, he polls at number one.

Bang head against desk. Bang head against desk. Bang head against….oh, what’s the use?

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    • planet hobbywood: This is very interesting.
    • Bren: He is a awesome player and a good man.. sweet.. polite.. friendly.. down to earth.. he never acted as though he...
    • HADAJUN( Japanese): Okajima a Japanese hero?
    • Rickt: I am the biggest Cal Jr fan around but one of my good friends played minor league baseball in the Orioles...
    • HADAJUN: I wish for play in Japan. The death is regrettable.


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