One of the tantalizing aspects of interleague play is that fans in one league get to see teams from the other league. Though interleague play is, of course, a manipulative, publicity-whoring ploy worthy of Anna Nicole Smith, consider me manipulated for the moment. If we can continue the metaphor just one step further, interleague play, like Anna Nicole, also has some tanalizing aspects. One such tantalizing aspects is that fans in one league get to see teams from the other league. And by see teams, I mean see uniforms.

For instance, right now I am watching the Boston Red Sox play the Washington Nationals. I feel there is great potential in a Sox-Nats rivalry (just think, instead of a subway series we could have an Acela Express series!). But there is a stunning lack of potentional in the Nationals’ cap design:

Yeah, we look hideous. Still, try to throw strikes.

What is that curly little W? It looks like a pig’s tail. It looks like a noodle thrown against a wall to see if it’s cooked yet. It looks like they caught whatever strange cursive disease afflicted their crosstown AL rivals, the Orioles, when Baltimore decided to ixnay the irdbay in favor of the giant orange O, itself oddly reminiscent of the logo. The curious thing about the Nats’ hats is that the rest of the uniform is pretty snazzy. (Except, of course, that monstrosity of a catcher’s mask. Careful! If you look directly at it, it will turn you to stone.) I like the classy font they picked for the jersey. I like the interlocking D and C they’ve got on the sleeve. Now I ask you, wouldn’t either of those make for a lovely chapeau? And doesn’t the squiggly little piggy tail/crawling worm/lengthy pubic hair “W” look even more ridiculous when juxtaposed with the clean, square lines of the other lettering?

Also, I feel obligated to note that I think their other other logo is the hotness:


Except…why even have an other, other logo? 

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  1. Alejandro says:

    Wow, I can’t believe I never thought of her… She IS the hottest Hot Baseball Wife there is…

  2. Coley Ward says:

    Mia Hamm is not hot. Look at those giant feet!

  3. Careful, Ward. You don’t want to get a closer look at those giant clodhoppers. As they, say, connect rapidly with your FACE!

  4. The best part is she’s more talented than Nomar.

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