Lucky Ozzie Guillen. Now he’s getting some unsolicited advice from Dallas Maverick’s owner Mark Cuban.

In case you missed it, Guillen has been in hot water recently after calling Chicago Sun-Times columnist and ESPN talking head Jay Mariotti a piece of s— and a f—— fag.

Now Cuban is riding in on his white horse to defend the beleaguered manager. In the latest post on his personal blog, Cuban chastises the MSM for what he considers to be “tabloid journalism” when it comes to covering goofs like him, or dare I say, Ozzie.

Thats what I dont understand. If I shouldnt be the story, why are you making it the story ? Can you not come up with something better ? There are a million stories surrounding every game/series/season. How in the world can you not come up with something better ?Mark Cuban salutes the Houston crowd.

Im sure Ozzie Guillen is feeling the same way right about now.

he is probably thinking to himself…. I want to be left alone. I want to do my job. I want to win another championship. You wont leave me alone, i got mad. i made a stupid comment. i really didnt meant it as anything more than a baselevel derogatory comment, but in this PC world, we have to be incredibly careful what we say, which i recognize. So i apologized. next time i will come up with a better derogatory adjective that wont freak everyone out.

Ozzie, I recommend Jagoff. Its what im going to use from now on. Just call the people you dont like Jagoffs.

Its a word that we used to use in Pittsburgh when I was growing up. I didnt know what it meant then. Still dont. But it works extremely well because no one else does either.

C’mon, Mark, don’t be coy now. I know, you know, that we know, that you know what jagoff means.

And about that whole Marriotti-Guillen thing (read after the jump).

I’m a die-hard ChiSox fan. I was, let’s say, thrilled when Ozzie was announced as manager a few years ago; back then, it was one of the few smart moves Sox GM Kenny Williams had pulled off in his four-year tenure. And I say smart because Williams had set the bar real low. Can you say Todd Ritchie, Ken-dog?

The Chicago press was split over the move. But one of the pundits supporting and praising Williams for bringing in a fire-starter like Guillen was ChiSox hater #1, Jay Marriotti.

Sure, Guillen is a loud mouth, and he will say things that’ll offend people, but he was dumb to do it before the mics. I’ve been around a Major League Clubhouse, ONCE, and I could swim in the hypocrisy.

The uproar over Guillen was mainly because Marriotti is an ass and he makes an ass out of himself everyday on national TV and just this once, a lot of people agreed with him that Ozzie’s choice of words was not top-notch.

He should’ve used Jagoff.

3 Responses to “Mariotti, you $%*# jagoff!”

  1. Sarah Green says:

    Thanks to Jeb for finding this man and getting us the pic. Now, who out there knows what the D-Rays are calling him?

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