Nomie made the All-Star team! Makes me want to get out old photos and think about how happy we were together.


I like to think this had a little something to do with a homegrown Fenway effort. After starting the season on the DL, Nomar is leading the National League with a .359 average. If he can stay on top, he’ll be the first player to win a batting title in each league in….well, on second thought, instead of giving it away, let’s make this a bonus trivia question. What the hell, I’m feeling giddy. When was the last time it happened and, for a cookie, who did it? No Googling!

So an all-around tip of the hat for Nomar. I suppose this just goes to show that every thorn has its rose.

7 Responses to “Just like the Good Ol’ Days”

  1. Sarah Green says:

    Fine, you pussies. I guess I stumped you all with the sheer ballsiness of my trivia Q. If Nomie gets his batting title this year, it’ll be the first time a player won the title in both leagues since 1899 and 1902, when Ed Delahanty did it. Easy Eddie is often remembered as the dude who died by falling into Niagara Falls.

    Read his 1903 obit here:

  2. Paul Moro says:

    Looking at the Sajak photo reminds me. Why is it that I’ve never seen a first pitch thrown in a game by someone who can actually throw? I always find it amazing when I realize that the ability to throw a baseball sixty-feet-six-inches is apparently a rare skill. This just should not be the case.

  3. Sarah Green says:

    “Nick: I really want both the yankees and red sox to lose”

    NICK. I thought you were my FRIEND. Now I find out that you are hating on my team behind my very BACK.

    No, don’t say anything. There’s nothing you can say. You broke us, Nick. YOU BROKE US.

  4. Sarah, I think everyone who doesn’t live in Boston or New York is rooting for the Rays. They have been so bad for so long. It’s almost impossible not to root for them. On the other hand, their farm system is so stacked that it’s likely that in ten years we’ll be rooting for somebody – anybody – other than the Rays to win, because they’ve been in first place for so long.

  5. mhcranberry says:

    You know, I’m a Sox fan– Sarah will vouch for me– but at the same time, if the Rays win… yeah, it will suck, but I am really happy for them and it’s been fun to watch. They’ve really been awful, and this kind of story is always nice.

    This year. Next year I don’t know about.

    And I’d still prefer the Sox, obviously.

  6. Coley Ward says:

    Sarah, do you vouch for this guy?

  7. Sarah Green says:

    Coley, she’s a woman, you macho pig. And yes, I vouch.

    Look, I won’t be upset if the Rays win. I’d be really excited for them.

    BUT I would NEVER say—nor would expect our friend Mr. Kapur to say—that “I really want…the Red Sox to lose.”

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