The people who host Gamenight on ESPN Radio  were talking smack last night as to why the ChiSox decided to run a full-blown campaign to get A.J. Pierzynksi to the All-Star game. In case you didn’t notice, it worked.punch me out for wasting money!

“The White Sox should be ashamed” one dude said. Well, I’m telling you who SHOULD be ashamed, all those fans forking over $22 bucks for a cotton T-Shirt!

I received an email promoting this “exclusive offer” from the Sox Pride Club I belong to. Apparently, only members of the ChiSox fan club get a chance to buy the shirts, and considering that I (and however many of us are out there) am dumb enough to waste my money on a fanclub that gets me a plastic card, some desktop backgrounds and a “chance” to buy more crap, I’m not surprised they are taking me for a fool.

” I Punched A.J.” T-Shirts

How many times did you “Punch A.J.” for the final spot in the American League All-Star Roster? Now that he’s won, take advantage of this exclusive offer only for Sox Pride Club members. Buy an “I Punched A.J.” t-shirt now for only $21.95 (includes fees and shipping & handliing). Maximum of five t-shirts per Sox Pride Member. T-shirts available in extra-large only.

Besides, the shirt is fugly! Although, it wouldn’t look half-bad if I wear it with my 1959 World Series Cooperstown ChiSox hat…

(In all fairness, the Pride Club gives you more than what I was ranting about, see here )

7 Responses to “I’m not punching nuttin’!”

  1. Sarah Green says:

    I love that the shirts are only available in extra-large, too. I think the Pride Club is calling you fat, dude! Booooo!

  2. This means my pal Chris Denorfia (Reds minor leaguer of the year in ’05, and a Jerry Narron favorite) will get a shot to play regularly aside Griff.

    Denorfia and I both played baseball at Wheaton College. Nice guy.

  3. Nick Kapur says:

    The Reds have been fading fast(9-20 record heading into the break) and they hit the panic button in a big way, making the kind of trade teams almost always regret later by trading quality major-league position players for middle relievers.

    I must say when I first saw this trade I was shocked that the Reds would make such a move, seeing that Kearns is one pace for a 30 homer, 100 RBI year, Lopez is one of the better hitting young shortstops around, and Bray and Majewski have mediocre numbers at best.

    But upon further consideration, it is clear that the Reds viewed this trade at least as much as who they were giving away as who they were getting. Although Kearns has always been highly touted for his potential, the Reds have long been frustrated by his nagging injuries and inconsistency at the plate, not to mention his defensive liabilities. Meanwhile, there has been a lot of talk in Cincy about the lackluster defense of Lopez, who has already made 14 errors. Also, the Reds clearly like Denorfia and have been trying to find a place for him to play, not to mention that they LOVE Ryan Freel.

    Overall, it’s a bad trade for the Reds, but at least you can sorta see where they’re coming from.

  4. Bray and Majewski have bit roughed up at RFK. If they can’t post decent numbers in DC, what makes the Reds think they’ll fare better in Cincy? Also- wasn’t it like 3 months ago that Ryan Wagner was billed as the Reds’ closer of the future? How can they be so impatient with a guy who chucks 100mph, but so patient with Jim Bowden?

    Anyone else remember how awful Majewski was in the WBC? I still wake up in the monring and ask myself, “Why did Gary Majewski represent my country in the first WBC?” Then I drink a shot of bourbon to take the edge off.

    I think Lopez will finish his career as an 8-time All-Star and this deal will be remembered as the worst and final moment in Jim Bowden’s lousy career.

  5. Probably the most interesting component of this deal is that the Nats already have plenty of quality OFs, begging “Where does Kearns fit?”.

    I bet ‘Fonzie is dealt by Thursday to the Yanks for Phillip Hughes and some A-Ballers.

  6. Nick Kapur says:

    Jeb, it sounds like you think Jim Bowden is still the general manager of the Reds (e.g. how can the Reds be so patient with Bowden, the worst and final moment in Jim Bowden’s lousy career).

    But Jim Bowden is actually the GM for the Nats, so shouldn’t you be praising him to all high heaven for acquiring the man you call a future 8 time All-star?

  7. You’re right – my bad… Obviously I forgot that he was canned and rehired. Is whatshisname Krivsky the GM? I live in Boston and we don’t reallt believe in the existance in baseball outside the hub.

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