All-star weekend is a blast for players, whether they are in the game or home playing golf. And most fans at least enjoy watching the home run derby. But for fantasy baseball owners in head-to-head leagues, all-star weekend means one thing — bedlum.

Because this is a shortened fantasy week with games played on only four days, anything can happen. All of your pitchers could pitch this week. Or none. If one of your players has one huge game you could take all of the offensive categories. Or the worst player on your oponent’s team could go off and you could get screwed. You get the point. It’s crazy.

So fantasy owners, be ready for anything. And be prepared to have your hearts broke. Because this is all-star week, when fantasy justice goes on vacation.


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  1. Has your mind entirely warped to the point where you think that Bob Wickman is going to save you? Coley, you need to come back north and get away from the glaring Southern sun. This is Bob Wickman. He is not a DRAMATIC improvement over Ken Ray. I’m not convinced that he’s an improvement at all. Ray has a better OBA, OOBP, OSLG, OOPS, K/9, K/BB, ERA, etc, etc, etc.

    Opponents are batting .282 off of Wickman. .282. And closers need to be able to strike batters out. He’s not the guy you call on in the 8th inning when your set-up man has put runners on second and third with a one run lead. He has 17Ks all year. He’s a “closer” by name but has the skill-set of a middle reliever. I’m not saying that Ken Ray’s a good option at closer, but I am willing to argue that he’s better than Bob Wickman. Compare the numbers. It’s not even that close. Yes, Ray blew a couple of saves. It happens. He didn’t pitch badly at all during his tenure as closer, he just got unlucky. And let me reiterate. He’s Bob Wickman. He gets hit. Hard. It’s a lateral move by the Braves.

  2. That’s not “an energy” taking over the city. It’s just oppressive humidity. Still, nobody cares in Atlanta.

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