Faster than a speeding bullet...Rookie of the Year? Cy Young Award winner? Is it all too much heavy-breathing to speculate that Twins superstud Francisco Liriano could win both this year? The 22-year old lefty from the Dominican Republic (a.k.a. the MLB spermlab) has 12 wins, a .97 WHIP, and an AL-best 1.93 ERA—almost a full run better than second-place Justin Verlander (2.77) and exactly one run better than third-place John Lackey (2.93…duh). He only pitched 5 innings in yesterday’s win over the Cleveland Indians, but he struck out 10 batters, notching his third two-digit strikeout game of the season. He has 125 Ks in 107 innings, but his team is 9.5 games out of first.

...more powerful than a locomotive...But if he wants the big prizes at season’s end, he’s going to have to fight off 23-year old Jered Weaver (yes, little bro of Jeff…though perhaps Jeff will soon become the “Ramon Martinez” of the duo). The Angels’ righty has an even more kickass ERA (1.15) and an even more ridiculous WHIP (.79), though a late start to the season means he doesn’t yet have enough innings to qualify for the rankings. But in the stat that matters most, he’s untopped: as of yesterday, he’s the first rookie in 25 years to win his first seven starts. And the Angels are just a game out of first.

Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!By those standards, 23-year old Tiger Justin Verlander looks like an also-ran. I mean, his ERA is almost 3! And his WHIP is over 1! A record of 12 and 4? Dude, my mom could go 12 and 4. (Just kidding Mom. You’d be 16-0!) But to his credit, of these three rookies only Verlander’s team is currently in first, and with a cushy 6.5-game lead, too. If an end-of-year prize comes down to Liriano vs. Verlander, that could tip the scales. After all, how studly are you if your team doesn’t make the playoffs?

11 Responses to “Francisco Studliano, Jerstud Weaver, Justin Verstudder”

  1. Doesn’t Papelstud figure into this equation?

  2. Papelstud is a *closer* Jeb. For this reason, I felt that adding Jonastud Papelbon would make this post a little bit too much like a baseball version of that old Sesame Street classic, “One of these things is not like the other.” Also, three is a cooler number than four.

    You might also bring up Stud Lester of the Red Sox as another hot AL rookie. After all, he’s 5-0. However, he has not been as dominating (yet) as these three. And of course, Lance would’ve killed me. (Hi Lance.)

  3. Oh really? Papelbon is a closer? I assumed he was just chronically tardy. I checked it out, almost twice as many starters (14) have won the ROY as relievers (8). Interestingly, the last 3 pitchers to win the AL ROY have all been relievers: Huston Street in ’05, Kaz Sasaki in ’00 and Greg Olson in ’89.

    What does this mean? Lance hates the Red Sox.

  4. Nick Kapur says:

    Last time I checked, nobody cared at all if your team made the playoffs when voting for Cy Young or RoY. That only matters for the MVP.

  5. Sarah Green says:

    You don’t think that would come into play as a tiebreaker? Everything else being equal?

    I feel like this is when Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera were both up for Best New Artist at the Grammys. The anticipation is killing me!

  6. Hi Sarah!

  7. The German says:

    Ok, I’m not a fan of blondes, I also tend to like the more curvy figures, but McGuire’s wife is definitely hot… a very pretty face. I liked reading that she had/or has had a real job and isn’t an ex-stripper or an aspiring model, extra points for that.

  8. The American says:

    Actually, pharmaceutical sales reps are responsible for a lot of evil. What is wrong with ex-strippers and aspiring models? How do you know she isn’t one?

  9. Whatever profession, I’m sure she’d sell a lot of magazines, B-movie tickets, or Viagra.

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