For the third time in four years, the White Sox have traded for veteran catcher Sandy Alomar, Jr.

The trade means that their current catcher, Chris Widger, effectively ends his career with the sox. Here’s what he had to say about the trade [from the]:

“I just don’t get it. I got released from St. Louis, but with everything that’s gone on here — the relationships I have with the coaching staff and the players — you almost feel that relationship was fake because nothing was ever said about whatever. I have to come in here after a game and all the sudden I’m a piece of (bleep), I guess.

Sandy Alomar Jr.

Tough words from the George Mason alumn, but for some reason, the coaching staff really wanted Alomar, who is batting .323 (20-for-62) with 9 RBI in 27 games, including 11 starts behind the plate.

“Our coaching staff has been after me for the last month to acquire Sandy Alomar,” said Sox GM Kenny Williams. “So it is my responsibility as general manager to add pieces to the puzzle that my coaches feel they need to win another championship.”

I’m guessing it’s some sort of time honored tradition or something; some time in mid july, Kenny Williams decides he made the biggest mistake by letting Sandy go and trades for him.

Ironically, in that four year span, the one season they didn’t trade for Alomar Jr., they ended up winning the World Series.

I’m not of the superstitious kind, but we all know how baseball players are. I don’t want Mr. Alomar Jr. to be our kikausha.

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  1. Coley Ward says:

    Mike Mussina uses many differnt tactics to keep hitters off-balance. This particular move, dubbed the “rear back and fire,” is particularly effective against Red Sox hitters.

  2. Nick Kapur says:

    “Maybe if I hold this pose long enough, ARod will finally take his eyes of Jeter and notice me!”

  3. “Uh, guys? Um, I think I’m stuck. No, for reals. I thought I would just bend down, stretch my hammies, and then go into my windup, but now I can’t move…No, it’s not funny! Goddammit Damon, this is not the time to joke about wedgies. Is someone going to call a trainer or not?!”

  4. ALejandro says:

    Uhm, OK guys! I get the point! I have to stand here from sunrise to sundown just so you can demonstrate our hazing rituals to all the minor leaguers we keep calling up, but I’ve had enough! Can I go sit now?!

  5. Ok, I got the two bunny ears….. I know I made the first one run around the tree…. crap, did he jump through the hole? I’ll be damned, I think I forgot to make him jump through the hole. Man, I’ll *never* make it to first grade!

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