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  1. Coley Ward says:

    Mike Mussina uses many differnt tactics to keep hitters off-balance. This particular move, dubbed the “rear back and fire,” is particularly effective against Red Sox hitters.

  2. Nick Kapur says:

    “Maybe if I hold this pose long enough, ARod will finally take his eyes of Jeter and notice me!”

  3. “Uh, guys? Um, I think I’m stuck. No, for reals. I thought I would just bend down, stretch my hammies, and then go into my windup, but now I can’t move…No, it’s not funny! Goddammit Damon, this is not the time to joke about wedgies. Is someone going to call a trainer or not?!”

  4. ALejandro says:

    Uhm, OK guys! I get the point! I have to stand here from sunrise to sundown just so you can demonstrate our hazing rituals to all the minor leaguers we keep calling up, but I’ve had enough! Can I go sit now?!

  5. Ok, I got the two bunny ears….. I know I made the first one run around the tree…. crap, did he jump through the hole? I’ll be damned, I think I forgot to make him jump through the hole. Man, I’ll *never* make it to first grade!

  6. Sarah Green says:

    The feathery baserunner soon took a brazen lead off of second, towards third base, but Sox hurler Rudy Seanez made no attempt at a pickoff throw. The bird eventually rounded home plate. Score it defensive indifference.

  7. Alejandro says:

    In all futility, Red Sox fans come to grips with the sad truth that 2004 was but a fluke and that the curse of the Bambino has reincarnated itself in the form of a black bird from Hell. And Jason Varitek’s injury.

  8. Nick Kapur says:

    This photo captures the exact moment when Cleveland Indians shortstop Robbie Raven tore his meniscus rounding second. If you look closely, you can see his knee wobbling and giving way.

  9. Sarah Green says:

    Unable to make a deal by the trade deadline, Red Sox GM Theo Epstein turned to the animal kingdom for help. “We came to a deal that works for both of us,” said Epstein of his new utility infielder. “One bag of seed for the season.”

    “I think he’ll add a lot to the ballclub,” Theo added. “He’s quite fast. His SLG might not be great, but we’re confident he’ll be an on-base machine—just look at his strike zone.”

  10. A properly executed “crow hop” seemed to be a thing of the past until Tuesday’s game.

    (Ugh.. I’m really in a slump since my Shakepeare butchering.)

  11. Quothe the Raven about the Red Sox lead in the AL East, “Nevermore.”

  12. FYI, Posted on the Boston Herald website, The bird did not make it, he or she was eaten by one of the red-tail hawks that live in the lights at Fenway.

  13. The Red Sox REALLY don’t want to have to play Ortiz at first.

  14. Hey! That bird’s stealing signs! Somebody get Bud Selig on the phone.

    (Damn, coley beat me to the Nevermore thing)

  15. That’s really sad, after escaping the spikes of Casey Blake.


    A little bit ironic (yeah I really do think).

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