Well, the deadline has come and gone and I’m guessing that at this point all the trades have been announced. Here’s a look at who made out like bandits and who got robbed…

Big Winners – Yankees (Bobby Abreu, Craig Wilson, Corey Lidle), Mets (Roberto Hernandez, now have a place for Lastings Milledge to play), Rangers (Carlos Lee, Matt Stairs, Kip Wells)

Big Losers – Pirates (Shawn Chacon, Xavier Nady, minus Casey, Wells, Hernandez, Perez, and Craig Wilson), Brewers (Kevin Mench, Laynce Nix, David Bell, minus Carlos Lee), Nationals (no deal done for Soriano)

I will analyze trades and rumored trades going down today, updating as news breaks. Latest news will be on top.

Nationals say they plan to keep Alfonso Soriano and try to resign him – Wow. Big mistake for the Nats and Jim Bowden.  There is no way in hell they resign Soriano.  Jim Bowden’s usual tricks of asking for the moon didn’t work this time.

Jeremy Affeldt and Denny Bautista to the Rockies from the Royals for minor league infielder Ryan Shealy and minor league right-hander Scott Dohmann – Weird trade for the Rockies. Shealy was blocked at first base by Todd Helton, but they got two very mediocre pitchers for him.

Julio Lugo to the Dodgers for minor league OFs Joel Guzman, Sergio Pedroza – Terrible move for the Dodgers.  They felt that they needed someone to play second base with Izturiz shipped to the Cubs for Maddux, but they way overpaid for a guy who will not have a starting job once Jeff Kent comes off the DL in 10 days.

Joel Guzman has been the no. 1 prospect in the Dodgers system for three years now, and even though his OPS at AAA this year was “only” .803, he was batting .297 with 11 home runs and is only 21 years old. But he had become expendable with the emergence of Andre Ethier in the outfield and the trade for Wilson Betemit at third (Guzman’s natural position).

Maddux to the Dodgers for Izturiz – Great move for the Dodgers, unless there are some other details that haven’t come out yet. Izturis was entirely expendable and has a degenerative condition in his throwing elbow. Maddux is an aging, declining rental, but upgrades a shaky rotation and should do a bit better in Dodger Stadium.

Kip Wells to the Rangers for AAA rp Jesse Chavez – A nice pickup for the ever-in-need-of-pitching Rangers. Wells was once great, and has been awful but improving coming off an injury. The Pirates inexplicable firesale continues. Not inexplicable that they’re doing it, but inexplicable that they’re getting almost nothing in return.

Craig Wilson to the Yankees for Shawn Chacon – Wow. I mean, wow. Just when you thought the news was bad enough for Pirates fans, this clunker of a trade comes down the wires. What a steal for the Yanks! Craig Wilson is a guy, who if the Pirates were ever smart enough to play him for a whole season, would easily hit 30-35 homers every year. He is the perfect player for the Yankees to get Andy Phillips’ anemic bat out of the lineup.

Meanwhile, Shawn Chacon has been one of the worst everyday starting pitchers in the major leagues this year.

Oliver Perez and Roberto Hernandez to the Mets for Xavier Nady – Wow. GREAT deal for the Mets. Although Oliver Perez completely melted down this year, even getting shipped back to AAA at one point, the pitcher Barry Bonds has said was the most difficult he ever faced is still only 24 years old and only two seasons removed from his 2004 campaign when he went 12-10 with a 2.98 ERA and 239 strikeouts in 196 IP.  And Rick Peterson is a great pitching coach with a history of turning young talents around.  Meanwhile, in a year when middle relievers are at a premium, Hernandez is a useful part and a perfect replacement for Duaner Sanchez, who just separated his shoulder in a taxi accident.

As for Nady, while he has certainly established himself as a reliable major league regular, he does not look to be a superstar, and was fairly expendable to the Mets, who are rich with slugging outfield types.  This does mean that Lastings Milledge is probably not going anywhere however.

More proof that the Pirates are still run by a bunch of buffoons.

Todd Walker to the Padres for minor league rp Jose Ceda – The Padres finally solve their huge season-long problem at third base with Walker, a solid hitter who originally came up as a third baseman with the Twins, but has not played regularly there in several years.

Matt Stairs to the Rangers for some minor leaguer – Meh. I wonder if Matt Stairs even qualifies as “replacement level” at any of the positions he plays. Good for the Royals to get a prospect I guess.

Kyle Lohse to the Reds for Class-A sp Zach Ward – A bit of a baffling trade for the Reds here, as the gave up a decent prospect for some very brutal numbers out of Lohse this year (7.07 ERA, .308 BAA). And his numbers don’t project well in the Great American Ball Park either.

Rheal Cormier to the Reds for Justin Germano – The Reds add another useful piece to their completely rebuilt bullpen, having already added Bray, Majewski, and Guardado.  This looks like a great deal for the Reds, who get Cormier through 2008 at a reasonable price.  Plus, Cormier is having a career year, with a 1.69 ERA and success against both righties and lefties.  Meanwhile, Germano is a marginal major league prospect at best, with a fastball that tops out at 87-88 mph.

Sean Casey to the Tigers for AA rp Brian Rogers – This trade feels like kind of a wash for the Tigers.  Sure, Chris Shelton has only hit 5 homers since May, but Sean Casey has only hit 3 home runs all year.  It’s basically giving up a bit of power for a bit more OBP and some unquantifiable “veteran leadership.” But the Tigers didn’t give up too much.

3 Responses to “Trade Deadline Roundup”

  1. I’d have to disagree about the Dodgers, Nick. I see them as clear 7/31 winners.

    Lugo won’t lose his job when Kent comes back. Kent has played 1st before, and he’ll play it now. He’s a terrible 2nd baseman who still has a special bat. This trade is an obvious sign that Nomar isn’t coming back anytime soon. Lugo is one of the more underrated explosive offensive talents in the game, and I think they paid less than they should have, considering their stockpile of young OFs.

    Weaker teams would have packed it in with such a loss. (Especially considering that they are in the NL west cellar.) They easily could have started retooling for the next 3 years, but the addition of Maddux, Lugo and Betimit give thiem a legit change to take this horrendous division. (only 5 games back I believe.)

  2. I like the idea of Maddux taking the mount. That sounds hot, and also like he’s a total badass.

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