Behold, Juliana Ramirez (right):

Mrs. Manny and Mrs. Asshole

(That’s HBW alumna Michelle Damon on the left.)

The Boston Globe tells how Manny met the future Mrs. Ramirez, who was a waitress at the time:

Ramirez met his wife, Juliana, while he was working out at Bally’s Gym in Boston. “I came up to her and started talking to her,” he says. The future Mrs. Ramirez didn’t know she was talking to one of baseball’s premier sluggers. Manny liked that.

“She’s from Brazil,” he says. “They don’t know nothing about baseball.”

She’s sure been a quick study, judging from her somewhat obsessive MySpace page. (Also bizarre: this Manny MySpace page, complete with a blog entry advising Theo? Yeah, I guess it’s legit….?)

Manny’s missus also rocks that whole gorgeous-glowing-Madonna-and-child maternal look:


Extra points for the ADORABLE mini-Manny!


11 Responses to “Mrs. Manny: HBW”

  1. Wow, I didn’t know Manny and Juliana both had MySpace pages. You’re right: those were definitely over the top. Thanks for putting the links up here because I never would have found those pages on my own!

  2. She’s the most beautiful woman i ever seen!!!

    I see them at the gym a he adores her!!!

    She is THE NUMBER 1!!!!!!

  3. I’m not advocating that he should win, but where is Carlos Beltran in this discussion? He’s the best player on the NL’s best team. I’d say it merits some deep consideration. He’s 4th in HRs, 3rd in RBIs, 3rd in OPS, 3rd in SLG, 1st in Runs Scored, and he steals bases. And if you’re the sort (not saying anyone is in particular) to argue that players whose teams don’t make the playoffs should be penalized in MVP voting, then shouldn’t the Mets’ record be taken into account in a more positive light within this discussion? Again, I’m not saying that Beltran deserves it more than Pujols or Howard does (if I had to vote, it’s going to Albert), but I don’t feel it’s fair to omit Beltran from this topic of coversation. God knows that sports journalists don’t cover NY teams enough.

  4. The German says:

    Very pretty woman!

    But one question that’s bugging me? In picture #1 with Damon’s wife…what the hell is going on with Damon’s wife’s shirt, by her stomach, is she really wearing a plunging neckline casually? I think Damon’s wife is a dog. Very fake.

  5. hey manny please dont get out of the red sox i think that u are the best baseball player.

    oh and that kid that u have hes beautiful and shes beautiful too

  6. Concerned says:

    Where has Juliana been lately? I havent seen or heard from or about her, and have heard from a credible source about possible divorace rumors. Anyone know ?

  7. Look at these pictures!!! They are the most beautiful family!!!!

  8. Jameilis Matos says:

    I love u Manny!!!!

  9. Cheyenne Bibiano says:

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