Oh no. This can’t be good.

Then again, everytime the Phillies subtract a player, they seem to get better.

The Philadelphia press is reporting that Adam Rowand, who collided with 2B Chase Utley during last night’s game against the Cubs, will miss five weeks with a broken ankle. From the Philadelphia Daily News:

Phillies centerfielder Aaron Rowand suffered a broken left ankle Monday night when he collided with second baseman Chase Utley chasing a pop fly off the bat of Cubs first baseman John Mabry, sources indicated early this morning.

Rowand had been talken to the hospital after the Phillies’ 6-5 win over the Cubs for what were termed precautionary X-rays.

He’s expected to miss at least 5 weeks, which would likely make him unavailable for the remainder of the regular season.

Rowand is out. Gordon is on the DL. Abreu has been traded. If the Phillies win the wild card, it will be the single most improbable playoff appearance since…I dunno…ever? Can this team keep winning? We’re talking about a staff led by the Brett “Fists of Fury” Myers, Tommy John patient Randy Wolf and phenom and bar fighter Cole Hamels. Oh, wait, I forgot, they just traded for Jaime “I’m not old I’m wise” Moyer. They have a 3B, Abraham Nunez, who is struggling to stay above .200 and a catcher who, at 33, is in his FIRST major league season.

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