Jack Nicholson has played an an asylum inmate, the Joker, Jimmy Hoffa, and whatever that guy in The Shining was supposed to be. He’s shown the world his nekked, wrinkled backside and told us we couldn’t handle the truth.

But apparently, there is at least one thing he refuses to do on-screen:

There’s not a lot Jack Nicholson won’t do as an actor. In “Chinatown,” for example, he wore a bandage on his nose for much of the movie. But a Red Sox cap? No way. The Oscar winner tells New York magazine that he refused Martin Scorsese‘s request that he wear a Sox lid in “The Departed.” “They wanted me to wear a Red Sox hat,” says Nicholson, who plays a sadistic Irish mob boss in the Boston-based film. “But I said, all things being equal, I don’t want to.” And he doesn’t. Instead, Nicholson’s character walks the mean streets of Boston wearing a Yankees cap. “But,” explains the actor, “Kristen [Dalton], my inamorata in the picture, she wore a Red Sox cap both to subtly indicate domestic conflict and to politically mollify the fans in Boston.”

Whatever. No Boston mobster would ever wear a Yankees hat. Ever. And I hope the Academy will remember that come Oscar time.


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