jus' plain ol' creepyIf you were Jason Giambi and you were getting ready to have surgery on your wrist, there are probably a few places where you wouldn’t want the surgery performed: a barnyard, the top of a mountain, the building where a teammate’s two-seater plane crashed just a week earlier, etc.

But it seems like Giambi’s surgery may in fact take place in one of those places. Can you guess which one?

Giambi’s procedure is being done by Dr. Andrew J. Weiland, who is an attending orthopedist at New York Hospital for Special Surgery. Weiland’s office is in the same high-rise that Corey Lidle’s plane crashed into last week.

From the New York Post:

The office of Weiland, who is actually the Mets hand specialist, is in the Belaire, the same Upper East Side high-rise the late Cory Lidle’s plane crashed into last week. Not only were Lidle and Giambi Yankees teammates, they played together with the A’s and were South Hills High School teammates in California. Giambi attended Lidle’s memorial service in Orange County Tuesday. There is a chance the surgery will take place in Weiland’s Belaire office.

This definitely falls into the “what are the odds?” department. Thanks to Zvee for pointing this story out.

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  1. George Steinbrenner says:

    I’m not a doctor, but surgery is generally done in a hospital – not a doctor’s office. Still a weird coincidence, though.

  2. Sarah Green says:

    Alejandro, I have to say, only in Exhibit A does it really look like Rogers has anything on his hand other than a shadow or a blur. In the story you linked to on LaRussa, there’s a clearer picture of the substance. In that photo, it does look too shiny to be mere dirt. And it was too cold that night for it to have been sweat, I think. But I do think this is making a mountain out of a molehill. The evidence, such as it is, is hardly conclusive, and Rogers washed his hands after the first inning and was still insanely good. So you can hardly say that his dominance recently is because of some blurry little smear on his hand, which may or may not be in the photos above. In other words, I don’t smell no stinking rat. I might have noticed a whiff of dormouse, though.


    And for anyone who’s confused, Slate’s Explainer explains: http://www.slate.com/id/2152037/

  3. So ok, he washed his hands after the first inning, that just means he put the stuff on the inside part of his glove, although the pictures posted here are not very clear, if you watched the game, and the analysis on espn afterwards it is very clear that there was a shiny dark substance on the heel of his left thumb, but not only did they show pics of WS game 2 but they also showed pics of games against the yankees and against the A’s of the same similar looking stuff. K Rogers is a cheater and the league needs to do something about it even though LaRussa didn’t. as stated above, dirt is not that shiny and does not have the pine tar looking color to it. i think we have all played with wet dirt as you kids and we all know what dirt looks like, and its certainly not that.
    i hope the series goes to game 6 just so that rogers pitches again, this time sans the tar, and i am sure that we will see the rogers of years past that posted a 8. something era and prove that he has been cheating this whole post-season

  4. Inconclusive????? It seems to me those images show discoloring on his hand of the beige kind. You can sit there and say he didn’t have it, or that he was lights out for the rest of the game, but here’s something you didn’t realize. Thanks to ESPN.COM’s Page 2, we now know that Rogers pitches with a batting practice cap on, not the regular game cap. This means the underbill of his cap is black, perfect to rub some ointment or tar. Conspiracy theory? No, just a lying stinking Rat.

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