rogers_is_still_dirt.jpgI’d like to point all you Rogers apologists out there to ESPN.COM’s Page 2 feature and the revelation on the kind of cap he uses during games:

To explain: Rogers prefers to wear a batting practice cap, instead of the standard-issue New Era 5950 game cap that all the other players wear. He’s been pitching with the BP cap all season, as you can tell from the slightly puffier, more rounded brim and more synthetic-looking fabric (5950s are made of wool, while BP caps are polyester). Detroit’s BP cap has a colored sandwich brim — white at home, orange on the road — which would be a no-no for regular game action, so Rogers apparently fills in the colored edge with a dark marker, which means he doesn’t match his teammates during pregame workouts.

More evidence for my theory that Rogers cheats during home games.

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  1. Alejandro,

    Sour grapes on your part my friend – are you still upset that your White Sox didn’t make the postseason?

    Figures estimate that as many as 70% of pitchers “take advantage” during games…whether it be scuffing balls, rubbing pine tar, etc etc.

    Even your boy Jose Contreras likes to rub Vagisil on his chest and then “lube up” between outs.

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