Wii Sports

Oh the geekness of it all.

Not only will video game fanboys consider themselves pseudo jocks, they might actually hurt themselves in the process.

This is some douche trying to hit a baseball with a virtual bat controlled by the wii-mote, the nun-chuck-type remote for the new Nintendo console, the Wii, set to be released in two weeks.

thaaa wiiiffff

WTF Dude, you twists the wrists!

Watch the video.

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  1. Coley Ward says:

    Sarah, you are right: Jeter is (statistically) a very average shortstop (good percentage, limited range, few double plays). But Alex Gonzalez doesn’t get consideration this season b/c he missed 1/3 of the games. Sorry, but that’s just how it works. Uribe or Young (especially Young) would have been fine gold glove candidates.

    I know it undercuts my criticism of Massaroti’s lack of facts, but I’ll say it anyway: I can’t help feeling that if we were watching Jeter play 50 years ago, before the game became so stat obsessed, we would vote for him for gold glove everytime. Because, while his “range factor” isn’t that great, watching him play is a treat. He plays hard. Voting for Jeter for gold glove is just a way to say, “this is how defense was meant to be played.” I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. No doubt Boston fans do, but what else is new?

  2. Coley Ward says:

    Oh yeah, and Orlando Cabrera is on the Angels, not the Dodgers.

  3. Yeah, that whole Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim thing really threw me. I see LA, I think Dodgers. Goddamn marketing schemes!

    The fact of the matter is that the Gold Glove is a defensive award. It is designed to highlight a part of the game that gets overlooked all too often. It should not be given out like a bonus prize to the game’s superstars.

  4. Nick Kapur says:

    Frankly, Coley, I have to side with Sarah on this one, and I’m not from Boston. I don’t see what your argument about 50 years ago has to do with anything. The fact is, we have these stats nowadays, and we should use them. And when every kind of defensive stat you can come up with, both traditional and non-traditional, shows Jeter to be average or below average, it’s ridiculous to give him the gold glove, or to defend giving it to him. I mean, most of the baseball world agrees that he’s not even the best defensive shortstop on his own team. You have a point when you ridicule Sox fans for saying Gonzalez should have gotten it, but I can’t figure out why you persist in going all the way over to the other extreme to say that Jeter actually deserves his ill-gotten GG.

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