There are the trades that could happen, the trades that should happen and the trades that absolutely for the love of god and in the name of everything holy need to happen. These are three that NEED to happen:

stroke it for me...1. Scott Rolen to the Yankees for A-Rod. Is there anyone who wouldn’t be made happier with this trade? Rolen and Jeter would get along great and would represent the best defensive left side of an infield anywhere (maybe ever). A-Rod could play in a big market in front of fans who aren’t programmed to boo. They just don’t know how. Rolen would love playing for Joe Torre, who isn’t some nerd in stirrups, but a great communicator who makes “gut” decisions. A-Rod…well, I’m not sure how A-Rod and LaRussa would get along, but it couldn’t be any worse than the A-Rod-Torre relationship. Right?

2. Pat Burrell to San Francisco for Armando Benitez. Burrell, who was a third baseman in the minors, could shift to first base on the Giants. Benitez, who is dealing with a couple of arthritic knees, could warm Philly’s bench. Seriously, this makes sense. The Giants need to move Benitez. He’s become a cancer. And they need to get some young(ish) talent. And they need a first baseman. This trade accomplishes all of that. The Phillies need to get rid of Burrell to make room for Soriano, Sheffield, or whoever they overpay to play the outfield. And the fans have soured on Burrell big time. He absolutely needs to start over somewhere else. And I think he knows it. Recently, Burrell said he would waive his no-trade clause to play in San Fran. So what are these teams waiting for?


3. Ervin Santana and Erick Aybar to Baltimore for Miguel Tejada. This one should have happened at the trade deadline last season, but the O’s nixed it. Seems O’s owner Peter Angelos is determined that if he’s going to trade Tejada, he wants another big name player in return. That’s just silly, of course. Tejada can still hit, but his range is getting more and more limited and he insists on playing short stop while in Baltimore. The O’s could get some young talent in Santana and Aybar, not to mention the starting pitching they so desperately need. The Angels would get a power hitting third baseman and somebody to offer a little protection for Vlad Guererro.


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