JD Drew in a rare stint on the Abled List.Gordon Edes reports in this morning’s Boston Globe that a deal with J.D. (DL) Drew is looking more likely than ever for the Sox:

There is still contract language to be worked out, and some question about whether the fifth year of the deal is guaranteed. But the Red Sox are nearing the completion of a deal with J.D. Drew that would pay the free agent outfielder $14 million a year for a total package of around $70 million if he stays with Boston for a full five seasons.

$70 million?! Five seasons?? Are they insane? Perhaps, as Coley and Nick have intimated, the Red Sox have indeed become evil. But let it be said that the fan on the street has not yet signed on to this Faustian bargain. This morning, a friend and fellow fan put the problem succinctly: “He’s expensive and he breaks.” Not to mention the fact that if the 31-year old doesn’t get his way (i.e., millions upon millions of dollars based—still!—on his “potential” and “talent”) he just sits out, in typical Scott Boras-client fashion. (Makes me wonder what he was like in Little League.) BostonDirtDogs points out what should be obvious to all: the Sox could have had Johnny Damon, their fuzzy-faced and durable team mascot, for much less than that. Boston Herald columnist Gerry Callahan expresses the thoughts of many a Hub resident (the article is worth reading in full, if only to savor Callahan’s use of the phrase “apparent man crush”) on the apparently unstoppable arrival of Nancy Drew:

While Sox fans are starved for someone, anyone, who represents an upgrade from last season’s roster, it is not easy to find a fan who is excited about the prospect of seeing Drew in a Sox uniform. For some reason, the paying customers seem to understand better than the Sox front office wonks that it ain’t all about OPS. Sometimes you’ve got to look at the character and the personality of a player before you walk down the aisle with him….This is a guy who has been on the disabled list seven times in eight seasons. He never has played more than 146 games (while Damon never has played fewer than 145). He has played for three teams in the past four years – how many franchise players do that?

…It would be one thing if the guy were resting on his laurels, but he never has had any laurels.

Damn skippy, Gerry. Damn skippy.

UNRELIABLE UPDATE: From the comments section of this post:

The Red Sox have agreed to a 5-year deal worth $74Million with JD Drew. It’ll be announced on Weds or Thurs, according to a friend of mine who is close friends with a scout for the SF Giants.

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  1. Oh this has Cold Pizza written all over it! I’ll let you know when it airs

  2. Sarah Green says:

    Coley, obviously Barry Bonds and other hypertalented players feel that the world revolves around them, because everyone has always treated them like gods. Whereas the middling journeymen of the game know how lucky they are.

  3. Here’s the $64,000 question: Did Carman ever finish cleaning the garage?

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