That's Manny in the hat

The Red Sox gave themselves a deadline to trade Manny Ramirez. It was today. It has passed. And Manny is still a Sox.

I was talking to Sarah on the phone the other night about (what else?) Ramirez. She was guessing that the Sox probably wouldn’t trade Ramirez. The Sox were asking for a lot for him and there didn’t seem to be any takers.

Sarah even went as far as to suggest that the Sox were asking for so much because they didn’t want any teams to accept their offer. They wanted to go back to Manny, yet again, and say, “See, we tried to trade you, but we couldn’t.”

I think she’s probably right.

A few thoughts on Manny and the Sox:

1. The Sox are asking for too much for Ramirez. But for good reason. The Yankees got three young arms from the Tigers in exchange for Gary Sheffield, who is basically a slightly less talented and less crazy version of Manny, except Manny doesn’t have any history of steroid use.

The Tigers gave up WAY too much for Shef. And the Red Sox would be crazy not to demand as much in return for Ramirez. But, unfortunately, no teams seem interested in repeating the Tigers’ mistake.

2. Speaking of the Yankees, they’re having a pretty good offseason. They managed to get way more for Sheffield than he was worth, plus they got rid of one of their ‘roids guys, plus they added a bunch of young arms to their farm system. They’ve still got the best lineup in baseball (it’s not even close) and next season they are looking at a staff that could include Carl Pavano, Ted Lilly, Chien Ming Wang, Mike Mussina and Randy Johnson. Oh, and that Japanese guy.

3. If the Red Sox keep Manny and sign Matsuzaka, their payroll is going to be insane. Still not as high as the Yankees, but really, really high. Drew’s getting $14 mil per, Manny gets $20 mil per, Lugo is getting $10 mil per, and Matsuzaka figures to get about $12 mil per. So that’s $56 next year on just those four guys, not to mention what they’re paying Beckett, Schilling, Ortiz, Varitek and Coco. Yikes.

2 Responses to “Manny, Sox, together forever”

  1. Sarah Green says:

    A few thoughts, Ward (naturally). First, what an awesome photo of Manny. Where the hell did you find that? In fact, I’d give it my top rating: “wicked awesome.” Look at that stupid, stupid hat Ramirez has got on. Look at that guy standing next to him–he’s all, “I’m surrounded by pretty girls and standing next to Manny Rafreakinmirez! I’m so happy! I’m getting a face cramp!” And that bevy of ladies. What a classic Boston posse. For those of you who aren’t from here, in Boston, jeans and satin camisoles are the de facto “going out” outfit for females. Throw in one girl in black, bootcut pants and another in a poorly chosen skirt, add obligatory tiny purses for the whole crew, and you’re good to go. Anyways. I love this photo.

    Moving on. There’s a rule of thumb in the art world, where if you have a painting you really love and don’t reeeally want to part with it, you ask for a high price. This way, maybe no one will buy it, but even if they do, hey, at least you made out like a bandit. I do think that, to some extent, this is what’s going on with Manny. It’s not that they’re opposed to moving him. It’s just that they don’t want to move him unless they can make out like bandits.

    Finally, the payroll issue. Everyone’s payroll is going up after this season. It’s nutty. I think the Marlins might even break $20 mil!

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