Yesterday, Theo Epstein said the Red Sox were “doing everything possible under the sun to get a deal done” with Japanese star pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka. 

Now this stunning announcement from the :

BOSTON (AP) — Boston Mayor Thomas Menino proposed selling City Hall and its brick plaza to private developers Tuesday in a move he said would ”galvanize the vitality of our downtown.”

Is there any question that the mayor plans to sell City Hall and use the profits to help pay for Matsuzaka’s contract? I know that sounds crazy, but in a city like Boston, trading city hall for a pitcher is the kind of thing that could get a guy re-elected.

One Response to “Boston taking drastic steps to sign Matsuzaka”

  1. Sarah Green says:

    Everyone in Boston *hates* City Hall. Look at it! Ugh! My face is turning to stone as I type!

    There used to be a lovely multiethnic neighborhood there called Scollay Square. So what did the city do? They paved over it and built this building that looks like a bigger, more hideous version of everyone’s college library. And did they put any nice fountains or trees out in front of it? Any landscaping at all on this prime piece of property? Why no, they did not. They constructed an enormous, flat brick plaza that swelters in the summer and becomes a windswept tundra in winter.

    It’s vile. Vile!

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