The morning papers were full of John Henry and the Red Sox FO’s position on the Matsuzaka deal, which has been that they aren’t even sure that Daisuke knows what their offer is, since Boras has taken the assholish step of refusing to make a counter offer (which is why they had to jet out to Cali). And Boras is putting on his poker face and saying he’s prepared to send Matsuzaka back to Japan.

Then at dinner tonight, people peppered me with questions about whether I thought the Sox had just bid on Dice-K (or The Dice Man, as we’ve apparently dubbed him) to shut out the other teams, specifically the Yankees.

But I got home tonight, checked ye old email, and I had a note from a source saying that his uncle (the source’s uncle, that is) who works for Under Armor has let slip that the Matsuzaka Red Sox jerseys have been ordered within the last 24 hours.

(Someone should tell these guys.)

As we head down to the wire, conspiracy theories are oozing through the Hub with the vicious (or should I say viscous?) ferocity of the Great Molasses Flood of 1919.

….Now I’m off to post on my other blog,

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