Not everyone can pull off body armor.

Wait, Barry Bonds has been taking performance enhancing drugs? That changes everything!

Seriously, what’s left to say about Barry’s bust? The pundits have had their say and of all the bloggers and columnists out there who have weighed in on the Bonds “greenies” scandal, I think my favorite is San Francisco Chronicle blogger C.W. Nevius (awesome name!), who says Bonds’ bust has confirmed two suspicisions: Bonds is on drugs, and baseball is out to get Barry.


Kind of takes the edge off that gigantic fireworks celebration that was planned when, and if, Bonds breaks Hank Aaron’s all-time home run record, doesn’t it?

Since he’s only 22 dingers behind, it seems well within reach, even given his fragile knees. The Giants would be on the hook for a one-year $16 million contract, which would lead up to one of the most unpopular record-setting performances of all time. Unless, of course, something happens.

And it now looks increasingly likely that the Lords of the Game wouldn’t mind if something did happen. The release of his grand jury testimony to Chronicle reporters was no accident. The was a leak with a message.

And now, to have his positive amphetamine test released, although it is supposed to kept secret, is another example.

For years and years Bonds has made no secret that he thinks people are out to get him.

Guess what? He might be right.


One Response to “MLB out to get Bonds?”

  1. Sarah Green says:

    Yes, people are out to get Barry. Who are those people? The guardians of all that is decent and just, that’s who!

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