Over the next two and a half months, as we head toward opening day, UmpBump will be chronicling the offseason developments and 2007 outlook for all 30 MLB teams.We will analyze both the wily moves and the tragic blunders, assign an “offseason grades” and provide projected lineups and starting rotations based on the latest breaking news.

Check back often to see when your favorite teams will be posted!

Teams graded so far (click on the team name to read the post):

January 17 – Dodgers, C
January 18 – Braves, C-
January 18 – Yankees, A-
January 19 – A’s, B
January 20 – Padres, B
January 20 – White Sox, F
January 22 – Angels, F
January 24 – Tigers B+
January 25 – Cubs, A-
January 26 – Indians, C+
January 29 – Nationals, F
January 30 – Twins, D
January 31 – Cardinals, D-
February 1 – Pirates, B
February 5 – Rockies, A-
February 6 – Royals, B
February 8 – Mets, B
February 9 – Astros, B-
February 12 – Mariners, D+
February 13 – Reds, B
February 14 – Phillies, B+
February 15 – Red Sox, B+
February 16 – Marlins, B
February 23 – Orioles, B-
February 24 – Brewers, C+
February 26 – Giants, C
February 27 – Rays, C+
February 28 – Diamondbacks, B-
March 1 – Rangers, B
March 2 – Blue Jays, C

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