the disputed tote bagThe Angels did not discriminate against men by providing free tote bags to women in a Mother’s Day promotion, a judge ruled Thursday.

You may remember that Michael Cohn, a Los Angeles psychologist, sued the Angels in May, claiming that a 2005 giveaway violated the Unruh Civil Rights Act.

Cohn argued the Angels should be liable for $4,000 in damages, payable to each man who attended the game. The bags in question cost $1.45 each.

The judge told Cannon to drop dead. He said the state’s Unruh Act is intended “to eliminate antisocial discriminatory practices, not to eliminate socially beneficial ones.” Booyah!

The judge also threatened to sanction Cohn’s lawyer, Afred Rava, who failed to disclose that he has represented Cohn in several similar suits within the last year.

According to the LA Times, “Rava has cited the Unruh Act in filing more than 40 suits, challenging among others the San Diego Padres for staging a women-only baseball clinic and Southland bars for Ladies’ Night discounts.”

Whoah! Forty suits? Sounds like somebody hates him some ladies. And I for one can’t blame him. Why do women get special treatment all the time? It’s bad enough that we have to buy them drinks and dinner, but then they get free tote bags on top of everything? That’s crazy!

While we’re on the subject, you know what else drives me crazy? The handicapped! Why do they get all the good parking spaces? Oh, and the French — I can’t understand a word they say!

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  1. Alejandro Leal says:

    Coley you should sue the hell out of Jacques Chirac; it’s clearly his fault.

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