pavano.jpgAs the NYTimes reports, Pavano is the Yankees’ only choice.

TAMPA, Fla., March 24 — The side effect of Chien-Ming Wang’s hamstring injury, which will land him on the disabled list to start the season, is an idea so preposterous it seems hard to fathom: Carl Pavano could be the Yankees’ opening day starter April 2.


“It’s opening day, but there’s 161 other games,” Torre said at Legends Field, after the Yankees played to a 4-4 tie with the Toronto Blue Jays. “It certainly is an important game, but so are the other ones.”

Torre doesn’t want to alter the schedule for Mussina, and the other two possibilities are not necessarily better choices than Pavano. Andy Pettitte hasn’t started in a few weeks after complaining of neck spasms (that’s what happens when you max out on the bench, Andy).

The other option, Kei Igawa, has never pitched in the majors. But wait, what about the Fifth starter? Don’t the Yankees have one? Well, it just so happens that their schedule allows Joe Torre to have a four-man rotation for the first 17 games.

So who else but Pavano, who, as the Irony-laden Times’ report reminds us, would be pitching on 643 days’ rest.

It sure speaks volumes of what this disgruntled pitcher has have to endure that the Yankee-loving NYTimes, smelling the irony of it all, plasters it all over the lede of the story.

Then again, it might be the shot Pavano needs to make nice with NY fans and media. I’ll tell you what, he’ll have our support, lest we post some more bad news about him here and get the usual dump-load of filthy comments that accompany those posts. It’s becoming a nasty umpbump tradition.

Oh and another side effect to Wang’s injury? Proof of my total incompetence in pulling a successful fantasy baseball draft.

8 Responses to “Yankees handing the ball to …wait for it… Pavano on Opening Day”

  1. WaatheFfff? says:

    New Yorkers would LOVE to see Pavano fail, however, not at the expense of losing a game. Also, must keep in mind this IS the bed he’s made. Not only has his baseball career been on hiatus, his love life has a Jerry Springer episode.

    I think collectively the word is his stuff has improved..and he WOULD be pitching against the Devil Rays…nuff said, give him the ball.

  2. Oh come on WaaatheFfff…New Yorkers would LOVE to see Pavano fail, even if it be for the entire season.

    These are the same people that have publically rooted ALL season that Isiah Thomas lose so that he would be fired upon completion of the season. What? Knicks are in the playoff race? Who cares, lose lose lose!

    I have no doubt that Yankees fans WANT Pavano to get the bajeezus beaten out of him so they can boo him even harder in his 2nd start…and 3rd…and 30th.

  3. Zvee, you are retarded. Yankee fans want Pavano to be great. Yankee fans (and all New Yorkers) cheer a winner and boo a loser. Up to now, Pavano has been a loser. He deserves the boos.

    New Yorkers once booed Mother Teresa because she failed to save a few orphans from malaria. But then she got on a hot streak and rescued some lepers so New Yorkers gave her a standing ovation.

    If Pavano pitches Opening Day, he will be cheered.

    Until he starts sucking.

  4. Coley Ward says:

    I agree that Yankees fans won’t boo Pavano right out of the gate. But make no mistake about it, he’ll be on a very short leash. If he gives up a home run, he’ll get booed. And it will be loud. And they will be mean. Meanwhile, if Derek Jeter goes 0 for 5 on opening day with 5 strikeouts, the fans will hold their tongues.

    The same applies for Pat Burrell in Philly. I don’t think the fans will boo him (much) when he first comes to the plate, but if he strikes out in his first at bat, he will hear it.

    Does that mean that the fans are rooting for Pavano and Burrell to fail? Not exactly, but they will be thoroughly prepared when and if they do.

  5. WhattheFff? says:

    Ok, heard this was the “separation agreement” between Carl and Gia, she was allowed to “leverage” this breakup for her career, and say she did the dumping. It was in actuality Carl that dumped Gia, it had nothing to do with cheating or not being there for her. Did she need him to make sure she was wearing sunblock on her topless bikini shoot, or maybe she needed him to be there for her when she was sitting in HIS houses, all day while she had NO job. CLASSLESS, I’ve got to hand it to the many who had posted endless negativity on this girl, but it’s a good thing for Carl, I hope it backfires on her flat ass, noone cares about her aspirations as a model, there are plenty of hot girls that didn’t need a surgeon or major league baseball player to get them that way and to keep them in the news.

    Gia, grow up, do you think having your picture on the cover of the NY Post, then making comments like you don’t want to distract him from his comeback start, and only wish him well, is going to put you in a positive light? You look like a scorned bitch looking for a way to make yourself look good, and help your career. Shut up already!

  6. yankee fan says:

    Carl choked today..4 innings?? 4 runs? not good!

    so is Alissa in Maxim’s hometoewn Hotties to get back with Carl? Or just to compete with Gia?

  7. yankee fan says:

    so what was Alissa to Carl? and What was Carl to Alissa? I have heard that Alissa was head over heels over the guy?? I cannot imagine he had the same feelings??? I am ssuming he saw her as the hot bartender that could be some fun???

  8. yankee fan says:

    I figured Alissa wasn’t really dating Carl. She kept mentioning she was dating a pitcher from the Yankees. She kept acting like it was getting serious.

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