Nicole RichiePhillies minor league second baseman Hector Made has been suspended 50 games for testing positive for a performance-enhancing substance. Made was acquired from the Yankees last season in the trade that sent Mr. Fu Man Chu himself, Sal Fasano, to New York.

So far this season Made has yet to see any action, so he must not be very good. But here’s the real kicker: Made, 22, is listed on the Phillies’ web site as 6-foot-1 and 155-pounds.

Now, I’m not sure what this guy was busted for, but if he was taking steroids he might want to ask for his money back. 6-foot-1 and 155 pounds? To put that in perspective, Juan Pierre, one of the skinniest guy in the bigs, is 6-feet, 180 pounds. Now picture how Pierre would look if he lost 25 pounds. He’d collapse into himself. They’d have to put him on a feeding tube. We’re talking Nicole Richie thin.

So Made must have been taking something other than steroids. At least, I hope he was, for his sake.

10 Responses to “Phillies’ minor leaguer busted for…what exactly?”

  1. Man…. when has this whiny turd NOT felt slighted? I’d love to see how it would play out if Barry had to graciously hand over one of his records to another player some day – I’m betting he’d find it hard to be generous.

  2. Gern Blanski says:

    This is not about Aaron not being generous etc. This is Aaron making a quiet statement about the state of the game, the state of role models in the game, etc. Aaron tried to enlist Willie Mays to carry on Jackie Robinson legacy, but Willie was not interested. Gee, seems kind of similar to his godson, who now can’t even be bothered to pick up the phone to call Hank. I think Aaron does not think too much of Bonds as a player or a person.

  3. Sarah Green says:

    A telegram? That’s cold. Also old. What, no carrier pigeons? No Pony Express? Maybe Hank could just tie a note to an arrow and have Robin Hood shoot it over. “Hark, ye Barry! Thee sucketh!”

  4. Alejandro Leal says:

    Well just look at his GF… anorexia nervosa!

    Wait… is that Nicole Ritchey

  5. If this story is true, I doubt that Made was really 155lbs. I don’t know how often those numbers are updated on these sites. Remember Alex Sanchez? He was the first guy busted for performance enhancers a couple of years ago. He was listed at 170-180lbs or so.

    I don’t think Made really was 155. At least, not now. Then again, neither David Wells or Antonio Alfonseca are really 250lbs…

  6. Coley Ward says:

    Alejandro, I can’t believe you don’t recognize Nichole Richie when you see her. Please go to and educate yourself right away.

  7. Alejandro Leal says:

    Dude, the one on the left sooo looks like Nicole Richey… I looked it up on popsugar and everything…

    btw, i get my gossip from jossip

  8. Coley Ward says:

    Alejandro, the one on the left IS Nicole Richie. So is the one on the right. DUH!

  9. Alejandro Leal says:

    DAMN! I knew it!

    Quit throwing those curveballs at me…

    I guess i better catch up on my popsugar/jossip fix…

  10. Stephen Connor says:

    I believe that Mister Gwynn has been the classiest about this issue. In his recent article in USA Today, it was pointed out that many methods of cheating have been used over the years. Were it not for the caliber of the records Bonds is threatening, hardly anyone would care. The most telling and most ignored factor to me is the status of his grand jury indictment. It has been said that a grand jury would indict a ham sandwich if the prosecutor told them to. Yet, two grand juries examining the evidence on Bonds have failed to return an indictment. It doesn’t have to be proof beyond reasonable doubt, only probable cause, a much lower standard, and the rules of trial evidence do not apply. In other words, hearsay and such are admissible. Then why no indictment? The only possible is that the case against him is incredibly weak. If he were about to set the record for most doubles in history (or in the alternative, if he were a really nice guy) the steroid issue would be completely ignored.

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