Well, it happened. Phils manager Charlie Manuel finally lost it. During a press conference following yet another Phillies loss, local radio personality Howard Eskin asked Manuel why he never seemed to get very upset. Then Manuel showed Eskin just how upset he can get.

Charlie ManuelFrom the Philadelphia Daily News:

Phillies manager Charlie Manuel was provoked by a local radio personality in the postgame news conference who asked why Manuel didn’t show more anger in news conferences, a la Cubs manager Lou Piniella, or why he hadn’t upbraided his underachieving team 12 games into the season.

Manuel – nicknamed “Red Devil” when he played in Japan because of his explosive temper – challenged his questioner to meet him in Manuel’s office, where, Manuel promised, he would display temper.

And, there, Manuel did, for several minutes, loudly enough to be heard from 20 yards away through closed doors. Manuel’s point: He does get mad, and he resented what he considers the radio host’s continual unfair criticism of Manuel.

After that confrontation, Manuel, on his way through the clubhouse, resumed hollering at the radio personality when they locked eyes. A Phillies coach and a media relations representative ushered Manuel, spewing profanity, out the back of the clubhouse.

Howard Eskin

Now, before you take sides here, there’s a few things you need to know about Eskin. He is the personification of everything that’s wrong with Philadelphia sports. His mission is to sabotage the careers of players, coaches and executives who he doesn’t like. He’s a no talent nerd who talks just to hear the sound of his own voice. He’s neither an accomplished athlete or journalist. He’s been suspended twice for fabricating stories. He belittles his callers. He’s racist, sexist, and generally awful in every way.And he’s creepy. From Wikipedia:

Off the air in 1997, Howard’s name surfaced involving a murder case of Marlene Stumpf. Stumpf was a 46 year-old married woman from Pottstown, Pennsylvania posing in chat rooms as a 25 year-old cheerleader named “Brandice”, and engaged in some provocative chat room discussions with Howard. Howard had sensed the woman was depressed and typed, “Why don’t you give me your address, and I’ll send you a little something.” Howard kept his word and sent Stumpf some flowers. A few days later, Stumpf was found murdered. Her husband confessed to the crime and was arrested.

It’s probably not fair to suggest that Eskin caused this woman’s death. Then again, Eskin has never bothered much with fairness.

The least shocking thing about the Manuel-Eskin blow up? After Manuel gave Eskin exactly¬† what he was looking for — a show of passion — Eskin mocked him and told him to “grow up.”

Typical Howard Eskin. The Philadelphia airwaves would be a much better place without him.

4 Responses to “Charlie Manuel blows off a little steam. Radio personality now full of even more hot air.”

  1. Coley Ward says:

    I love Sheets. He’s like a young Curt Schilling, but w/o the annoying tendencies. But he’s just so fragile. I don’t understand how a guy built like he is can be so delicate.

  2. Coley, I like the comparison. The stats that Schilling put up in ’97 are basically what I thought Sheets could duplicate. Maybe not 11Ks per 9IP, but with fewer walks, which is obviously a credit to Sheets because Schilling also had/has impeccable control.

  3. Sarah Green says:

    Coley, I read about this story and assumed you had already blogged about it. I see I was right! But my favorite part of the article I read (http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/news/story?id=2841584) was at the end:

    “As for the the team’s famously caustic fans? They mounted an “E-A-G-L-E-S, Eagles!” chant in the seventh inning, choosing to praise the city’s successful NFL team rather than bury its baseball team.”

    Flyyyyy Eagles flyyyyy!

  4. howard eskin has called charlie manuel exactly what hs is for 3 seasons now: a bad manager. he dumb -sh## virginia hick act has not played well in philly. what do you exepct, for eskin to lie and say he’s been good? he has been awful, he is getting paid huge dollars, he deserves to be fired.

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