I would love to write something eloquent on the FOUR BACK-TO-BACK-TO-BACK-TO-BACK home runs that the Red Sox hit tonight, or maybe the way Papelbon got Alex Rodriguez to ground out to end the game (or maybe about how he blew fastball after fastball by Derek Jeter, who flailed embarassingly, or maybe about how when he looks up at the plate and exhales through that teeny, tiny little mouth he looks terrifyingly like T-1000), or about how Dice-K got “he’s so hot right now that Hansel” A-Rod to strike out twice, or about how Jason Varitek is totally swinging the bat again and it just makes me feel all shiny and new, or about how it was like Mike Lowell and Manny were having some sort of cute-off in the dugout to see whose smile made him look more like a little boy on Christmas morning….but I have to get up really early tomorrow. So I’m just going to throw up a couple of links to recent GameDay columns (the Fenway Park publication put out by the Boston Metro) and call it a night, as I am just too emotionally exhausted from watching this game to carry on. Also, the adrenaline is making it hard to type.

1) Daisuke Matsuzaka is a many-splendored thing.

2) I really, really wanted* to beat the Yankees into a pulp this weekend.

Four consecutive dingers from these guys! These CUTE WIDDLE GUYS! Wooja wooja woo!

* I made a mistake in this one. “Who’s on First” was, of course, the brainchild of Abbott and Costello, not Laurel and Hardy. I even have a VHS of this somewhere in my apartment. I am ashamed of myself.

4 Responses to “I feel all tingly”

  1. Damn, 4 homers in a row! I’ve only ever seen that done on Xbox (I’ve done it myself, with the BoSox, against the Yanks believe it or not). Anyways, nice going Sox.

    I also liked the Eephus pitch reference in the Dice-K column. I thought that was cool.

    Hehehe. ‘Eephus’.

  2. Let me qualify this by saying I’m a Yankees fan, more than that I’m a baseball fan. With that said, and not to sound like a jerk or anti-red sox, the Yankees had a Single A pitcher in and they have 4 starters on the DL. While it was a great feat – historical, monumental, etc the Sox took 4 innings to knock around a Single A pitcher.

    In other news… ESPN was quick to mention that the 2nd (I believe) of the four 4 consecutive hr games was in 1963, and it involved Terry Francona’s father, what they didn’t mention was that the very first (in 1961) involved Joe Torre who was the 5th batter, and grounded out to end the streak.

  3. yougottabelieve says:

    My main concern with the team so far is that Papi and Manny haven’t been Papi and Manny. As much as the team has going in terms of well rounded players, without the bad boys of summer, we don’t quite have that extra “oomph.”

    This couldn’t have been more obvious than when Manny just lit us on fire, or more like lit that poor rookie pitcher on fire. Welcome to the majors, kid.

    Manny said at the top of the game that tonight was the night, and I guess it was. Jason’s a spectacular captain, and a great player, but Big Papi and Manny are the foundation on which our scoring is built. Summer’s here, and the bash brothers are back in town.

  4. Manny usually has a slow start from what I remember… and he’ll be sure to hit 30 something HRs and over 100 RBIs, he’s a machine.

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