I had been meaning to write about this ever since the clippers neared the first strand of hair, but had been unable to until today. Yes, it may be old news, but it’s still worth mentioning: 

The Mets are bald. 

I mean, pretty much the whole team. 

Even GM Omar Minaya and manager Willie Randolph. 


The pruning began on Monday night when David Wright had bullpen catcher Dave Racaniello shave every piece of hair from his head. His teammates followed suit in the hours before the Mets took the field on Tuesday night to face the San Francisco Giants.

David's shinerCarlos Beltran played the role of barber, as one by one, each Met went under the blade. The only current hold out? Jose Reyes (Come on, Jose. Your GQ GQ photo shoot is over). Even Shawn Green was willing – albeit initially reluctant – to expose his rather misshapen head. Utility player David Newhan reportedly hid underneath a pile of clothes to escape Beltran’s clippers, but even he received the bald treatment.  The thing is, there doesn’t seem to be a reason why. Willie Randolph said regarding his now-shorn players: 

“We don’t do it for any reason, but just guys like to have a little fun before the game, and that’s really all it was.”

Pelfrey?Best quote from the entire affair was from Paul LoDuca regarding rookie pitcher Mike Pelfrey’s new haircut. 

“Hey Tommy,” LoDuca said to Tom Glavine, “Pelfrey looks like Sinead O’Connor.”

No word yet as to whether or not the 23-year old Pelfrey even knows who that is.

3 Responses to “Lack of Unfortunate Facial Hair: The Alopecian Mets”

  1. I have chosen to describe it, in the simplest terms, as “The Beard”.

  2. Paul Moro says:

    I think what I called Todd Helton’s new look is also appropriate for Youk. Chin-Fro.

  3. Billy Wagner, told he looked ugly, just shrugged. “But I’m still rich,” he pointed out.

    Seriously, he said that. Isn’t that awesome?

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