Bigfoot. The Loch Ness Monster. The Yeti. A Devil Rays fan.

Yes, the world is full of myths and legends about shadowy, elusive, one-of-a-kind creatures who may or may not even exist.

But now you can cross Jamie Kotsay off that list, for we here at umpbump can attest to the fact that she does exist and pretty much everything that has been said about her is true.

It has been well documented that many famous athletes, and baseball players in particular, often have scorching hot wives. But what has been harder to prove was the contention that Mark Kotsay just may have the hottest wife of them all…

You see, it all started back in the late 1990s when Mark Kotsay first made it to The Show. At each city Mark played in, fans of that team would begin to report sightings of his incredibly, unbelievably, scorching hot wife. They said her name was “Jamie.” They claimed that this one time, at the fan convention, they caught a brief glimpse of her between a gap in the crowd, but when they got closer she had vanished. Or that this other time, at this one game, in the 6th inning, she flashed briefly on the jumbotron screen to make a public service announcement or something.

And pretty much everyone agreed she was the hottest baseball wife they had ever seen.

But the problem was, try as everyone might, nobody could find a picture of her! The claims could not be corroborated! Soon message boards with thousands of threads grew up around her legend. Search engines were bombarded with her name. Cults grew up around the fervent belief that she really did exist, and that she really was the hottest wife in the game. And still no picture could be found!

But then finally, last summer, this shot appeared on an Athletics blog!


For a long time, this picture was the only picture of Jamie Kotsay making the rounds on the blogs, but it certainly went a long way toward substantiating the myth! With the letters K–SA- clearly visible, it was almost certainly her, and the picture certainly lent itself to an interpretation of potential hotness of great magnitude. But while this view definitely had its merits, all true Jamie Kotsay sleuths knew in their heart of hearts that in the end a view from the front would be required to truly assess Jamie’s ranking in the pantheon of hot wives.

That’s were we come in. Finally, this spring, we here at umpbump decided enough was enough and agreed to take up this difficult case, if only for the good of science.

Although we certainly did not have either the time nor the inclination to read through the voluminous discussion boards dedicated to Jamie Kotsay’s legend, we did happen to have secret knowledge of some ancient ninja web-searching techniques, so we put it to good use compiling what we believe is the largest single collection of verified Jamie Kotsay pictures on the internet.

Judge for yourself if the legends are true after the jump…



In the rest of the pictures, Jamie is always the one on the left…





43 Responses to “HBW: In Search of the Elusive Jamie Kotsay”

  1. As usual, when something gets built up to this degree, there’s a bit of a letdown. Not to say she isn’t hot – she certainly is, but I’d probably have to see her in the wild to truly appreciate it.

  2. Sarah Green says:

    Apparently “Donkey Carnival” is a nom de plume for Daniel Craig. Dear Mr. Craig, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing you in Casino Royale (and in those swim trunks).

  3. Under-rated parts of these pictures:

    (1) Her batting stance is almost picture-perfect. Much better than mine, but that’s not saying much.

    (2) Is that Matt Cain in the upper left corner of the very top picture? Hah, what’s he doing there?

  4. Longsuffering says:

    The JK in the field shot was taken at the annual A’s-Giants wives softball game, so Master Cain was there to support his wife/girlfriend as well as his teammates’.

  5. Did Cain’s girlfriend and wife play on the same or opposing teams?

  6. I was in a club suite at tonights game and was able too meet Jamie Kotsay and man can I say she is hot in person. The pictures don’t do justice

  7. Man, I must be the only one who thinks these women aren’t really anything special. They look like what most run of the mill good looking chicks look like these days, nothing more.

    Are we grading on a curve??

  8. toycop2199 says:

    what about mS alex rodriguez???? thats hot

  9. mrtauntaun says:

    The wives/girlfriends of the A’s and Giants have an annual softball game before one of their interleague games so the A’s wives-g/f face the Giants wives-g/f.

    The woman in the right of most of the photos (wearing the #3 jersey) is Alex Chavez, wife of third baseman Eric Chavez.

  10. Looks like they are keeping the trend with hot wives on the team down in Sactown. Rivercats wives were out last night at the game wearing their husbands jerseys. Putnams wife very girl next door cute. Meyers chic legs legs legs. Merlonis wife hot hot hot. Any chance on getting pictures of these girls??? Keep up the good work guys!!

  11. Wow, all the A’s wives are bottle-blondes. Er…classy.

  12. Michael Procton says:

    Welcome to the Braves, Mrs. Kotsay.

  13. She does exist..she was my college roommate and she also a nice person…not JUST HOT!!!

  14. Sarah Green says:

    Gina G, right on! In my opinion, it takes more than being “just hot” to be a truly hot baseball wife.

  15. I’m just kidding..I’m actually a blonde as well. sometimes I don’t know what I’m saying…

  16. Holy SH**! She Officially now is THE hottest wife in Baseball. Reason being; she doesn’t look all plastic like the rest of the trophy wives.

  17. I love Jamie

  18. lori wendt says:

    I think that jamie is very hot and a turn on. I don’t look at other women but, I just can’t help but wonder what she would be like. You know what i mean

  19. Any truth to the rumor they are now divorced?

  20. says:

    jamie is sexy


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