This week’s Metro Column, in which I take up Nick’s Jeremiad about the dwindling numbers of complete games.

...and rise, Sir Complete Game!

When I was young, we had to pitch two complete games in the snow before breakfast.

2 Responses to “Complete games going way of dodo?”

  1. jojofireball says:

    Sarah, I completely agree with your analysis on thi issue and have commented about it on other posts you’ve had… you’re truly onto something here. I think pitching changes have become so strategic that it’s comparable to the little note card that football coaches hold when it comes to when and where to go for the two point conversion. (up six with the less than three minutes with a 10 mph wind and on the road). I think it’s ridiculous and over protective of a bunch of guys who are making a living on how good they are at throwing strikes and getting outs.

    I have some first hand knowledge of this too because of my fantay baseball league. It’s a head to head league where the CG is a pitching category. Over a given week the majority of head to head match ups end in a tie with CG category because nobody throws them anymore! Some managers and clubs will throw their guys more though. If I wasn’t lazy I bet I could find stats to show that the Blue Jays have more complete games than anyone so far.

  2. Not only complete games, but how many more 20+ winners are we going to see? I’d personally like to see a larger, more consistent strike zone called. This would help balance the game (offense vs. defense) out and minimize to an extent that parity between leagues. But, of course, offense sells tickets, not pitching duels. :(

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