ozzie.jpgA good friend of mine, and fellow White Sox fan, tells me that the Sox-Cubs series is one of intensity. Fans get pumped up, they throw beer at Cubs fans, they fill up the stands, and if you’re at Wrigley Field, they throw trash on the field.

Players and managers get amped too. Last year, Cubs catcher Michael Barret punched A.J. Pierzynksi in the kisser (something the Sox PR department would then use as a marketing campaign to send A.J. to the All Star game). Hell, even the radio people get into it. And even though I’ve never listened to Mike North, the radio shock jock at 670 AM in Chicago, some of you may have heard about his recent incident with Ozzie.

Colorful language highlights a “radio fight” between White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen and The Score 670 Sports Radio talk show host Mike North. The confrontation began shortly after White Sox pitcher A.J. Pierzinski [sic] told the MIke [sic]  North Show he was disappointed that he was not in Friday’s starting lineup.

A little while later, Ozzie Guillen called in and let North have it on the air.

Mike North: “How ya’ doin Ozzie?”

Ozzie: “Aw, shut the f___ up.”

North: “Oh!”

Ozzie: “I know you like A.J. …”

North: “Ozzie, wait we’re on the radio. I know you think we’re just having a conversation, but we’re on the radio.”

North’s warning that they were on the air did not discourage Guillen, instead he continued to curse.

“I’m trying bulls___ every damn day,” he said.

North: “Hey, Ozzie clean up your mouth. Don’t talk go talking down to somebody, you understand me.”

As the conversation went on, North got angrier.

Ozzie: “Why you talking on the air?”

North “…that’s my job, to find out what’s going …to to find out what AJ thinks…yeah, you’d better hang up the damn phone.”

Well, that just doesn’t surprise me at all. Some shock jock pushes AJ’s buttons; he then agrees he was disappointed he wasn’t in the line up, Ozzie takes offense to some radio blowhard questioning his managing, calls him and uses all kinds of nasty language.

norht.jpgAnd come to think of it, he didn’t even say anything!!

ChiSox fans know that Ozzie will have his flare-ups every now and then, but as someone who thought he’d never get under my skin, this radio incident makes me wonder: What’s next?

I guess it’s more fuel for the grill where two burger patties cook themselves every time interleague comes around. Read this carefully, though:

Moments later, he and Pierzynski met near the first-base line and then gave each other a hug.

“Ozzie and I are fine. That’s the biggest thing. That Ozzie and I know where we stand with each other, and I have nothing but respect for Ozzie and what happened this morning was just a misunderstanding,” Pierzynski said.

Williams didn’t seemed overly concerned about his talkative manager’s latest controversy.

“Am I OK with it? No, I don’t like the use of the language. But in talking with Ozzie, he was surprised when I informed him he used a few choice words that are really not acceptable for the radio,” Williams said.

“He was shocked that he actually used a couple of them to the extent that he did. So that was pure and raw anger that was coming out.”

Is Ozzie full of BS for implying that he wasn’t aware of all the profanities he was using? Or were they a by-product of the heated discussion? Is that going to be the case every time Ozzie decides to take matters into his own hands? Is that good?

2 Responses to “For Ozzie Guillen, profanity is but a station in his train of thought”

  1. For purposes of clarification, Mike North is not a shock jock. He’s a schlock jock.

  2. jojofireball says:

    I don’t understand what all the fuss is about… If you’re talking to Ozzie, he’s gonna use profanity. Isn’t that what the tape delay is for?

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