Adam LaRoche is without a doubt this year’s most disappointing player, and it’s not like he doesn’t have any competition. Garrett Atkins, Ryan Howard, Mark Redman and Bobby Abreu have all staked a claim, but LaRoche has outdone them all. He has been totally, completely, thoroughly 100 percent awful.

Currently, LaRoche is hitting an anemic .193 with four HR and only 20 RBIs. He’s slugging just .331. Ick.

On the plus side, LaRoche has walked 25 times and he’s been hit by a pitch once, which is halfway to his 2006 total — and we’re still a week away from June! If he keeps it up, he’ll match his career high of 4 HBPs, set in 2005.

I think LaRoche needs to embrace the HBP as a way of getting on base. After all, if quality players like Chase Utley and Craig Biggio can take one for the team on a regular basis, than surely LaRoche can stomach getting beaned on occasion.

Adam, it’s time to pull a Roger Dorn. Lean into it. Let it hit you. Cause god knows you haven’t been hitting it.

* Shout out to Danny for the LaRoche updates.

6 Responses to “Adam LaRoche needs to take one for the team.”

  1. Nick Kapur says:

    Clemens plotted the entirely correct course to reach his true goal, which was to reunite with his man-crush-for-life Andy Pettite.

    “Playing for a winner” was just how he justifies his alternative choice of life partner.

  2. Houston didn’t offer him $28 million.

    He pulled this back in ’97 when he went to Toronto to “play for a winner” as well.

    Winning, schminning. His course hasn’t deviated a bit.

  3. Paul Moro says:

    Seeing as the Cardinals beat some pretty staggering odds to win the World Series last year, I can’t see another team like the Astros doing it this year. They may make the playoffs with Clemens (still no guarantee by any means), but they’re not likely to win the whole thing. The Yankees on the other hand have a much better chance to win, provided they actually make the playoffs.

    And if winning was all the guy cared about, he’d be on the Red Sox. But it’s not just winning. It’s winning with money and it’s winning with Andy Pettite.

  4. If he was going to go with a winning team, and have a serious chance at the post season, the Red Sox are obviously the ones to go with. But he knew all along he was going where the money was. The Yanks had it to give, so that’s where he’s went. Good to see that “I want to be part of a serious contender” really means “Sh*t, $28 million? Where do I sign?”

  5. Danny O says:

    The Braves got Mike Gonzalez from the Pirates for LaRoche, who (with Raphael Soriano) has caused opposing equipment managers to consider packing up the lumber early once the Braves bullpen takes over. I think the Braves probably got the better end of that deal.

  6. Do you even dare doubt that the Pirates got fleeced on this deal? Heck, on any deal save Jason Bay? And even then he’s not playing well this year.

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