Ryan HowardPhiladelphia Inquirer baseball writer Jim Salisbury spent some time in New Jersey yesterday, watching Ryan Howard and Roger Clemens play in separate rehab assignments.

Salisbury came away with a few colorful anecdotes from the games, including one about how the Philies single-A team had to scrounge for a jersey that would fit Howard, and another about how the kid catching Clemens gave up his uniform number to the future Hall of Famer.

But one anecdote caught my eye more than the others.

From the Inquirer:

Howard arrived for his assignment in style – a team-sponsored limo. Clemens showed up for his in a luxury coach bus.

Now, we all know Clemens is traveling through the minor leagues on John Madden’s bus. He’s livin’ large. No news there. But Howard is riding in a team sponsored limo?

If I was a multimillionaire professional ballplayer rehabbing in the minors with a bunch of guys who are probably making less than your average gas station attendant, I think I’d feel pretty silly pulling up to the stadium in a limo. That’s like showing up to do Habitat for Humanity in a Corvette. It’s just a little tacky, isn’t it?

If I were Howard, I think I would have told the Phils to just call me a cab. Or I’d see if John Lieber would let me borrow his car.

11 Responses to “Ridin’ in style”

  1. Paul Moro says:

    Figures that a baseball player records a song called “Bend Ya Knees”…

    I think my favorite aspect of this is that on the Soul-ja Boi website, it describes the rapper, Manny D, as someone whose “greatest goal is to create positive music” and “has goals of forming his own foundation for kids that aren’t fortunate enough to have a role model in their lives.” You know, role models like Manny D, who remind us that women receive far too much respect and need to be objectified at least 87% more. Thank you, Manny D.

  2. I completely agree with it. Its a double standard, and I would love for greater restrain in using the language in our society. But you can’t single out one person, let alone a guy who’s music isn’t popular. It might have potential, but I’ve been hearing that about his baseball career too, with little results

  3. Danny O says:

    We need to come up with a rap name for Lastings. As a nod to the great deal of attention that he has received prior to making a real impact in the bigs, I propose O-Hyped.

    Anybody else want to chime in?

  4. Tupac wasn’t in a gang, so it’s kind of hard for him to get shot by a “rival gang.”

  5. jojofireball says:

    MR. big time…

  6. Hey Diallo the douchebag, all Tupac rapped about was being in a gang. He was crip and was proud of it. I’m white and even I know that.

  7. Another shocking YouTube video from MannyD and Lastings “LMillz” Milledge.

    Site by Braves fan.

  8. Jojo Fireball says:

    Who the hell is he Deion Sanders? I think it’s tacky and ridiculous. These guys are SOOOO big league that they have to show up everyone on the A ball club and give the kids the impression that this is how a big leaguer acts in case one of them actually makes some money someday? I know Clemens is big time but I thought Howard had a little humility left but apparently not.

    I thought the most big league thing I’d ever seen was when I was worked at a Texas League double A park in high school as a valet parker and John Rocker came down for assignment and parked his Corvette at the entrance next to the bullpen so as soon as his inning was up he could get in and drive away. But John has been outdone.

  9. jimboisyourdaddy says:

    hey im tryin to find the name of a song where this guy wants to join this gang, but they tell him hes not hard enough and he has to rape somone, turns out they kidnap and rape his mom, when he finds out he then kills himself. sound familiar to anyone plz let me know i heard it a few times and never found out who it was by. shoot me an email at jimboisyourdaddy@yahoo.com

  10. BHarrold says:

    Why does the media always have to put people down for what they do? While behind closed doors they do the same shit. You never here them talking about Lasting Milledge being a good baseball prospect. . .instead you hear about a rap song that isnt even on the charts. I hope Lastings keeps on pissing everyone off.

  11. Sarah Green says:

    BHarrold, you are totally right. Behind closed doors, I also rap about having a different bitch for every night of the week. I am a total hypocrite. You called it. And I. Am. Guilty.

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