aj.jpgSo it’s not news that the White Sox catcher is seen as a villain, a “cancer” in some circles, and generally makes headlines for what some may perceive as annoying antics and gimmicks. Sure A.J. can get on your nerves, anyone can get on your nerves, but the dark cloud floating over his head has constantly, and repeatedly, caused otherwise trivial situations to become some sort of controversy.

Well, it’s Pierzynksi, whadaya expect.

Right, except it’s really becoming yesterday’s news when an incident involving him is suddenly blown out of the water.

All of last week, the White Sox club house was inundated with questions regarding A.J.’s remarks on Mike North’s radio show; Guillen stepped in, twice, and Buehrle chimed in as well.

It finally appeared to be put to rest Monday after Buehrle and Pierzynski talked. That is, until Wednesday, when there was allegedly more smoke.

”You start worrying about what A.J. says and does? No, no, that’s my problem,” Guillen said. ”When I talked to A.J., I said, ‘Listen, I hope this is the last time you do that.”’

So why is Guillen so defensive about Pierzynski? After all, it was less than two weeks ago that Guillen talked about how hard Pierzynski was to manage.

It’s because Guillen considers his catcher an example of how he wants his team to play.

”Yes, without a doubt,” he said. ”But in the meanwhile, take it from me because I’m the voice and face of the ballclub, sometimes you have to be real careful what you say. And you never say anything about your teammates because look what happens.”

Well, I don’t see where that “alleged” new controversy came from, but I digress.

Sure enough, Pierzynksi’s rabbit foot for trouble lit up again early this week when the Twins accused their former catcher of stepping on poor baby Justin Morneau’s foot as he ran-out a double play. What a crock. I was watching the game and Pierzynksi did not even try to touch Morneau.

If he would’ve tried; he would’ve gone out of his way. I mean, he would’ve gone Albert Belle on him.

“Let’s be honest here: If I’m going to go out of my way to try to get somebody, I’ll get them,” Pierzynski said. “One thing about me, if I’m going to get them, I’ll get them.”

“A.J. plays hard, but I don’t think A.J. is a dirty player,” Guillen added. “Dirty players fight and he doesn’t fight. When you are dirty, you are a fighter. A.J. is just a gamer. I don’t think he did it on purpose.”

Guillen sent a message to this effect to the Twins clubhouse on Tuesday, adding that he understands the Minnesota players were upset and protecting their superstar, but the reaction might have been a bit unnecessary. In typical old-school fashion, Guillen also added if someone had a problem with Pierzynski, then settle it man-to-man and not in the press.

So let’s be clear as to what’s going on. Beat writers who can’t find a story must dig it out of ther shirt pockets, or out of a quote machine like Ozzie and Pierzynski. That’s what propagates his “bad boy persona”.

What a crock.

And now A.J. is thinking he could get traded because of all the crap that surrounds him?

A.J. Pierzynski is one of the most durable catchers in baseball.

But he’s concerned that the controversy surrounding him could shorten his tenure with the White Sox.

“Of course, I’d love to stay here,” Pierzynski said Tuesday, one day after he was accused of spiking Minnesota’s Justin Morneau. “It’s not ultimately my decision. I don’t want other [stuff] to factor in instead of just baseball. That’s the thing that bothers me more than anything.

“I can handle it, I can handle whatever has been said. I can handle people talking [trash] or whatever, it doesn’t bother me. I’ve pretty much had it all said or written about me anyway.”

Pierzynski is signed through 2008 and the Sox don’t have a catching prospect projected as a starter, although Double-A Birmingham catcher Donny Lucy has shown considerable improvement.

But Pierzynski has become increasingly irritated that his teammates are asked about him constantly.

Thanks MSM, way to blatantly fabricate a story by taking quotes out of context! This is just pathetic.

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