Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist Terrence Moore just doesn’t get it. Today, Moore writes that if the Braves are unable to keep CF Andruw Jones, they should sign Twins CF Torii Hunter.

From the AJC:

Ideally, Andruw Jones stays with the Braves. Not only after this season as a free agent, but forever. Still, if he decides to bolt to the highest bidder with his mighty bat and magic glove, his replacement makes too much sense.

Torii Hunter.

Torii HunterEarth to Terrence: the Braves aren’t going to sign Hunter.

This is not a complicated formula. The Braves won’t resign Jones because he’s too expensive. He’s likely to command upwards of $17 million per year on the open market.

So why in the world does Howard think the Braves will pay big bucks (maybe as much as $15 million per) to sign Hunter?

Even Hunter sounded surprised that somebody would suggest he might end up in Atlanta:

“Me, playing in Atlanta?” said Hunter, with wide eyes, during a chat last week before a game involving his Minnesota Twins in Anaheim. He laughed, saying, “Kind of getting ahead of things with that thought….”

If and when the Braves lose Jones, they’ll replace him with a prospect or with an affordable player from another team. The same way they replaced Rafael Furcal with Edgar Renteria. The same way they replaced Adam LaRoche with Scott Thorman. The same way they replaced Marcus Giles with Kelly Johnson. That’s how the Braves do business.

You should know that, Terrence.

9 Responses to “Braves not going to sign Torii Hunter.”

  1. Here’s a suggestion: What about Willie Harris? He’s hitting machine, plays impressive defense, and steals bases while wearing a Braves uni at the same time. Granted, he’s only had 11 ABs v. lefthanders, but I think the kid has earned the right to be given as much opportunity as he can handle. Plus he’s another Georgia product!

  2. Coley Ward says:

    Danny, that’s an interesting suggestion. Though, I don’t think we can call Harris a kid. He’s 28.

    It’s funny how the Braves are always so hesitant to turn platoon players into everyday players. Harris seems ready to make the leap. But so does his platoon partner, Matt Diaz, who must be wondering what he has to do to get a chance to play everyday. This year, Diaz is hitting .329. Last year, he hit .327. What’s a guy gotta do to get a full-time job?

  3. The LF platoon, since Langerhans was traded, has been MAGICAL for the Braves. If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.

    Second, the Braves will need an impact bat to replace Andruw if he bolts from Atlanta this offseason – neither Harris nor Diaz really fit the bill (no insult to either). Adam Dunn could be interesting…he can play LF and 1st and would protect Chipper in the lineup.

  4. Danny O says:

    Re: Dunn

    No thanks. I don’t think the Braves need another 150+ strikeout player. Chipper does need some protection, and I think it can come from Francouer.

    (Andruw, I haven’t totally given up opn you, but come on, time to turn it around. You’re hitting .221 on June 12th!)

  5. Coley Ward says:

    Zvee, Adam Dunn can’t play LF or 1B. You can put him there, but he can’t actually play either position any more than I can. He’s a defensive liability and seems destined to be a DH.

    Also, I’m not saying the Braves SHOULD play Diaz everyday. I’m just saying that Diaz must be frustrated that they don’t.

    Finally, I think the Braves will choose to take the money they’ll save by not signing Andruw and give it to Francouer in the form of a long-term deal. That’s just my instinct.

  6. Nick Kapur says:

    The Braves aren’t going to be giving long-term deals out to anybody, I don’t think. Aren’t they being run as some sort of glorified tax shelter?

    I think we are going to see Andruw replaced by another no-namer – another Kelly Johnson or Scott Thorman.

  7. Paul Moro says:

    What about Mike Cameron?

    1)He’ll come much cheaper than Jones or Hunter (currently earning $7m in last year of contract)

    2) Can still play a good centerfield

    3) Georgia-native

    4) Not a great hitter, but his numbers are predictably better away from Petco.

    Other cheap yet useful CFers:

    1) Aaron Rowand

    2) Jeff DaVanon (still on DL)

    3) Jason Michaels (technically LF, but also plays CF)

    4) Eric Byrnes (ditto, but may not come cheap anymore)

    5) Kosuke Fukudome (RF in Japan, but known as a good defensive OFer w/ range & arm. 5-tool player by Japanese standards)

  8. Nick Kapur says:

    Aaron Rowand and Byrnes are not going to come cheap after the years they are having this year.

    Cameron could work though.

  9. Yeah, Cameron could work if they want to have an aging veteran on the downside of his career. Why don’t the Braves just sign me? I’m cheap.

    Johnny Schuerholz is going to do a lot better than signing an overpaid Cameron – whether it’s in the farm system or acquisition via signing/trade.

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