Over the past 4 or 5 years, Nomar Garciaparra could always be counted on to do two things.  Hit like a maniac when he was healthy and not be healthy very often.

nomarfrustration.jpgBut this season Nomar is having a decidedly un-Nomar-like season.  As far as anyone can tell, he seems to be perfectly healthy, to everyone’s amazement, but he is also not hitting .350, also to everyone’s amazement.  He’s not even close.

As of this writing, Nomar is batting, .273 with a .313 on-base percentage and a .333 slugging percentage, which makes him one of the worst everyday first baseman in the Major Leagues. This past week he was even benched two games in a row in favor of James Loney.

It’s not that Nomar is slumping, particularly. He shows up every day and gets one hit every night. But he is hitting for no power, and not drawing any walks.  Not that Nomar ever drew many walks, but people tended not to notice that little fact back when he used to bat .350, giving him an OBP in the .380s.

All of which has us Dodgers fans wishing Nomar would get back to being the injury-prone masher he used to be.

Because you’d much rather have two amazing months with a first baseman OPS’ing over 1.000 and four months of DL than an entire year with a first baseman who posts an OPS of .646.

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  1. ::dusts off the mitt:: Hell, just air an announcement over the PA during the 7th inning. “Anyone who has pitched legion or high school ball please report to the Phillies bullpen. Fast pitch softball experience considered, thank you.”

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