All-Star Game fan voting is coming to a close. Tomorrow is the last day ballots will be counted. And the question on everyone’s minds is, should Barry Bonds be an all-star?

Pretty much everybody thinks so. Except, you know, a majority of the fans.

Take a look at what the media and some former players are saying:

Cal Ripken, Jr.: Yes, there’s a shadow that’s hanging over top of him. The commissioner and Hank Aaron are torn whether they should celebrate the breaking of the all-time home run record. But when I think of Barry, I think of him as an all-star player.

  • Tony Gwynn: There has to be one guy from each team, and there’s no question, I think, he’s having the best year on that team.
  • John Ames, Arizona Daily Star: The All-Star Game is a popularity contest, and Bonds is the game’s biggest draw. People love Bonds. Most love to boo him…. The All-Star Game this year will be played in Bonds’ home park. His biggest fans should not be denied a chance to see him there.
  • Gene Wojciechowski: MLB rules say that each team has to have at least one All-Star representative. The Giants, who will finish dead last in the NL West, need somebody, so that somebody ought to be Mr. Martyr instead of the other two San Francisco candidates: catcher Bengie Molina and pitcher Matt Morris.

I understand where these pro-Bonds guys are coming from. It makes sense that as long as Bonds is allowed to play in regular season games, he should be allowed to play in the All-Star game. And it makes sense that as long as Bonds is the best player on the Giants, he should represent the team at the All-Star game.

But I can’t help it. Every time MLB heaps one more honor on Barry, I get a little sick to my stomach. The guy should have been banned long ago. Now, not only do we have to endure his pursuit of Hank Aaron’s home run record, but we have to give him a place at the All-Star game?

4 Responses to “Should Bonds be an all-star?”

  1. Danny O says:

    I think Jeff Schultz did the best job of giving the Perlozzo firing relevance for Atlanta fans with this bit:

    “Just wondering how Leo Mazzone likes the view now in Baltimore. The Orioles fired his buddy, manager Sam Perlozzo. Mazzone worked for Bobby Cox for 15 seasons. He worked for Perlozzo for 20 months.”

  2. Nick Kapur says:

    haha, actually I thought the best line in that A’s article was:

    “Clearly Beane and Geren are scrambling like a Raiders quarterback, seeking a creative solution to the age-old A’s challenge of building a Rolex from spare toaster parts.”

    A rolex from spare toaster parts! Best description I’ve ever heard for the miracle the A’s manage to pull off every year.

  3. Sarah Green says:

    Nick Markakis! The hottest outfielder since Gabe Kapler retired! And with a better OBP!

  4. Well, he shouldn’t start, that’s for sure. Maybe LaRussa will have him pinch hit in the eighth. Of course, Bonds would be so pissed that he wouldn’t do it.

    Since you asked, here is my ballot plus the reasoning (good or bad) for the pick:


    3B – Miguel Cabrera (deserves it)

    SS – Edgar Renteria (homeboy)

    2B – Chase Utley (deserves it)

    1B – Prince Fielder (deserves it – plus we need to have some big kids on the squad, make em feel welcome)

    C – Russell Martin (deserves it)

    OF – Willie Harris/Matt Diaz platoon (deserves it, though it would take up two roster spots)

    OF – Ken Griffey (sentimental)

    OF – Matt Holliday (deserves it)


    3B – Alex Rodriguez (deserves it, and he probably doesn’t want to be stuck in the house over the break)

    SS – Carlos Guillen (deserves it, plus Jeter’s been there, done that)

    2B – Brian Roberts (deserves it)

    1B – Mark Teixeira (supportin my fellow Yellow Jacket)

    C – Victor Martinez (deserves it)

    OF – Ichiro Suzuki (duhh)

    OF – Vladimir Guerrero (double duhh)

    OF – Magglio Ordonez (if you’re not voting for him you must be racist or sumpin)

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