So it’s the day after the all-star game, and you know what that means. Every baseball columnist at every daily newspaper in the country is writing his or her “state of the team” column.

Let’s take a look at what they’re saying in the NL East, where the Mets lead the Braves by two games and the Phillies by 4.5.

Gannett News Service reporter Brian Heyman says fans think the Mets need to acquire some pitching before the trade deadline.

Stephen A. Smith says the Phillies, as they are currently assembled, have no chance.

AJC columnist Terrence Moore agrees with Stephen A., and says the Braves will win the East.

Philadelphia Daily News columnist Sam Donnellon says Phillies GM Pat Gillick hasn’t proven anything since he arrived 20 months ago.

That other Daily News columnist, Rich Hoffman, thinks the Phils , not buyers.

All I know for sure is that the Phillies won’t be sellers, unless they happen to lose their next 10 games in a row. The Mets won’t part with any of their young studs (Millege or Gomez) for a pitcher, unless that pitcher is Dontrelle Willis (and even then maybe not). And the Braves can kiss their post season hopes goodbye if Smoltz doesn’t return healthy.

4 Responses to “The season is half over. Is it time to give up?”

  1. This is pretty hilarious…and totally relatable. Who hasn’t met a sports hero and f-ed it up by saying the wrong thing?

    Of course, it’s usually not *that* dumb.

    Here’s hoping there’s a sequel to the story…like Henry, thanks to confusion from his “B- Spanish,” is accidentally engaged to Garces’ niece…

  2. Paul Moro says:

    I know giving any creedence to what Steven A. Smith says or thinks is idoiotic. But so is he. The Phillies are not out of it. Their team would, however, be much better if they understand that having flyball pitchers in that ballpark is a bad idea. Plus, he gives no love to Aaron Rowand. He’s been a top-3 CFer in the NL this year.

    Terrence Moore’s article is terrible. If someone could tell me how players are supposed to learn how to win tight pennant races, I’d love to hear it. Please describe it for me. Plus, he seems to think that Chuck James is solid. He’s not. And I’m still not sure how you segue between claiming that Chipper and Smoltz can’t stay healthy and defiantly stating that the winning pedigree of Chipper and Smoltz will carry them through. Ass.

  3. Coley Ward says:

    Paul, I agree with everything you just wrote.

    Here’s the problem with the Phillies as I see it: the organization would be better off in the long term if they were sellers at the deadline. But the fans would mutiny.

    So what’s a GM to do?

  4. I agree. It probably makes the most sense to move Rowand He’s in the last year of his contract, his value will never be more than right now, and Victorino is really a centerfielder. But it’s a tough sell to your fans when your 5 games back and the guy just played in the All-Star game.

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