Nick: I hope you are going to be writing an umpbump piece about the 10,000th loss!

me: I’m thinking about it, but what is there to say, really?

Nick: Hmm, yeah, it’s hard to think of a new angle…

me: I mean, to say the Phillies have been bad is an understatement...

but on the other hand, they’re only the worst of the handful of baseball teams who have been around for as long as they have

Nick: I’m still amazed all over again every time I read that the Phillies have only won 1 World Series

It feels like they would have had to have won more…

me: no

just one

I was one year old

we almost won in 1993, but that didn’t work out.


Nick: At least the one World Series was won in your lifetime!

me: barely

Nick: Just think of all the Phillies fans that lived and died and without them ever having won one.

me: really, I don’t think it counts when you were only one year old.

and I wasn’t even living in Philly yet

Nick: Hmm, I guess not…

I was just trying to look on the bright side for you…

but there really isn’t much bright side for a Phillies fan…

me: no, there’s not

4 Responses to “G-Chat about 10,000 losses (alternately titled, “Not much to say”)”

  1. Hate to bring up the ‘S’ word here, but it’s scary how many previously power hitters are either in serious decline with their HR numbers or injured more than they’ve been.

    And now Tejada’s claiming that he’s hitting more for average on *purpose*…? Errr…

  2. meant to say ‘previously powerFUL hitters’..:P

  3. Paul Moro says:

    Pete, I see your point. But if it’s true, then why would they stop using? Not doubting you or anything – just trying to see the point through.

  4. There is more to say about 10,000 losses: See Failure Magazine

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