On account of the new opera about Josh Gibson, The Summer King, and Paul’s interview with composer Daniel Sonenberg, we here at UmpBump got to talking about the way in which baseball and music go together; like PB&J, like steroids and HGH, like Alyssa Milano and various pitchers . Now we ask you, loyal UmpBumpers, what’s your favorite intertwination of these two diverse worlds?

5 Responses to “Baseball: Makes Me Feel Like Singing.”

  1. Sorry Paul, I think the ump clearly made the right call regarding interference. I don’t think West/Bucknor was necessarily off in his interpretation of 7.08b either.

    While Anderson did make contact with the bag initially, and was in contact with it when he hit Iguchi, his slide took him 3-5 feet beyond the bag. This would mean he no longer has legal contact with the bag, while hindering the fielder. Combine that with the obvious tackle (his head/arms contacted above the waist), and interference is the right call.

    Obviously, 7.08b is stretched nearly every game, as people slide into center field, attempting to graze their pinky on 2b while going after the fielder, but this is above and beyond, particularly at the end of the play, when Anderson was completely out of reach of 2b.

    Would Green have been safe? Maybe. Ask a phill’s fan how good Iguchi’s arm is. Clearly though, the point is moot.

    That doesn’t mean it won’t cause you to lay awake at night, endlessly replaying the video in your mind. Coulda/woulda/shoulda been. The bane of every sports fan. ;)

  2. JojoFireball says:

    What I think is at hand here is which SIDE of the base he slid into. The slides and “missed” calls you mentioned are usually slides trying to impede the fielder who is on the other side of the bag. The second basemen or even shortstop who takes a throw on a double play will most of the time move to the outfield side of the bag and when the sliding runner rolls him up no one really complains because that’s a normal play. What happened with Iguchi is that Anderson slid to the inside because Rollins’ flip had brought him to the inside. On replay it looks like a dirty play because we rarely see that hard of a slide on the inside, when in all actuality we see it all time just on the other side of the bag.

  3. Sarah Green says:

    Rich, just for clarification, I think you are actually agreeing with what Paul wrote. So no apology necessary. :)

    It is a rarely-enforced rule. As Red Sox fans found out when A-Rod threw an elbow at Dustin Pedroia earlier this season, after springing up from his slide into second. I’d like to see this one more carefully enforced, at least as long as it’s clear that the contact with the infielder as not part of the runner’s legit attempts to tag the base.

  4. Come on! “Enter Sandman” was first used (and still is) by Billy Wagner!!! The Yanks merely copied it for Rivera.

    You also forgot “Damn Yankees” – the late 1980s early 90s “supergroup” consisting of the guitarist from Styx, the singer from Night Ranger, Ted Nugent, and some other guy.

    “Don’t say goodnight!

    Say you’re gonna stay forever

    Oh oo Oh, all the way”


    To fly me over (fly me over) yesterday?

    Can you take me high enough

    It’s never over

    Yesterday’s just a memory”

  5. Sarah Green says:

    Well Paul, although the song “Always on My Mind” was first recorded by Brenda Lee and even has a rendition by Elvis, we always think of it in conjunction with Willie Nelson. I feel that “Enter Sandman” falls into a similar category, here. After all, it’s Rivera we call “the Sandman,” not Wagner.

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