I had repressed this until Alejandro mentioned it in his post. But a few days ago, a buddy of mine forwarded me Alyssa Milano’s contribution to People’s “Sexiest Fans Alive” feature.

Says she:

The baseball fanatic is a season ticket holder for the Dodgers, writes a blog for Major League Baseball, designs a women’s line of MLB apparel – and now is a correspondent for MLB.com’s online channel, TBS Hot Corner. “Baseball is a gift,” she’s written on her blog. “Every single game – wins and losses and the spectrum in between – is a gift.”

Well said, Alyssa. “Wins and losses and the spectrum in between.” All those in-between games…the wonderful tie games that baseball is known for.

<exhales slowly and heavily>

Maybe Carl Pavano told her about those in-between games. That could explain some things about Carl Pavano.

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. She is the woman who brought us the MLB kimono.

(Though credit where credit is due. Not all of her clothes are as freakish as the kimonos. Some of them are nice-ish t-shirts. Props, Milano. You designed some nice-ish t-shirts! Oh…wait…are those sequins?? No, I take the props back.)

Also, for the record, her blog isn’t completely awful. At least she’s on to Grady Little and his zany, ever-changing lineup schemes. (I feel your pain, girl.) And there was really no need for him to block Loney like that. But you crazy if you think Kevin Kennedy is the answer to your problems.

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  1. I think these shirts are generally donated to third world countries if they aren’t used.

    That’s why the Mets are slipping. Think of the children!

  2. Coley Ward says:

    The tee shirt is no-longer for sale. Shocking!

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