I’m a bit late. The game’s on the top of the second already and the Red Sox are already up by a run thanks to a Youkilis home run.

I did catch half of the first inning, and a coupla things came to mind right off the bat.

* As Sarah pointed out, the Angels will run. Figgins, while on second, chose to run on contact with Vlad Guerrero at the plate. The force-out and ensuing strike out of Garret Anderson ends the inning.

* Speaking of which, what the hell is on Anderson’s right eye? The TBS guys say it’s pink-eye. I know for a fact that doesn’t affect his eyesight, but still.

* That Hank Aaron commercial sure seems to ignore (or fly in the face of) the new single season home run champ.

7:10 pm Beckett’s perfect through 2 retired all batters after a Figgins lead-off single.

7:15 pm One of the TBS guys says the “C” on Varitek’s chest should be bigger… I guess I get it. Right?

7:17 Here we go, now that Lugo’s at the plate, the obligatory short-stop-musical-chair commentary ensues. Yes, yes, Cabrera played for the Red Sox in ’04 when they won it all; and Nomey was traded for him, blah blah blah…

Oh look at that, Lugo’s out trying to steal second. What do we say about Julio Lugo around here? Oh right…

7:22 Hey! Where’d my top of the third go?? A commercial ate up the start of the inning in which, of course, Mike Lowell made a great play.

7:26 What? Phillies lost? Man, these playoffs sure got here fast.

Figgins just struck out to end the 3d. Seems like the Angels are swinging at Beckett’s stuff in the dirt. If the Red Sox get a couple of runs off of Lackey this might turn into a snoozer.

7:30 These commercials are cutting it too close for comfort. Then again what’s new.

7:33 Youkilis double. Big Papi homer. 3-0 Boston. Lackey sucks.


7:40 As if Alyssa Milano wasn’t enough: When MLB meets People magazine – People MLB: Sexiest Fan Alive. You’d think they’d stress the sexy part.

7:48 Beckett’s nasty. Struck out Anderson again.

7:52 TBS is also doing the in-game interviews that we’ve seen on Fox, but I like their approach to recording them in between innings. I’m not sure if Fox does this now, but they used to do it while the game was going on. So far we’ve heard from both pitching coaches.

8:02 Beckett’s line through 4 and half – IP 5 H 1 R 0 ER 0 BB 0 K 5 HR 0 ERA 0

Knowing it’s Beckett, these numbers look almost average. But still.

Did I mention he was on my fantasy team? Too bad it finished dead last. Almost like my Sox.

8:09 Lackey was just given a third strike on Youkilis, that was low and away. First strike on Papi looked a bit high and away too. Is the ump letting him off the hook?

8:13 Too bad, ’cause Lackey sure ain’t taking advantage of the wide strike zone. He’s borderline-wild. Of course, he sends one down the middle and Manny swings and misses.

Ha! I told you, called third strike on Manny. This pitch was a cut fastball outside, but it was still close enough for the ump to call it. I’d say it was still outside.

8:18 Another pitch in the dirt, another hapless Angel that swings and misses.

8:20 The fist cut to the TBS studios and… it’s Ernie Johnson!!!!! And Big Frank!!! I like, I like (Oh and Cal Ripken, Jr.). Good line up, but Big Frank is no Sir Charles.

Middle of the 6th, 4-0 Boston.

8:26 Too bad the Angels can’t get anything going on off of Beckett, their defense is sure keeping them in the game. Varitek just grounded into the third Red Sox douple-play of the game.

8:32 So much for praising TBS .I was just at their website looking up some info on the broadcast team and, lo and behold, there it is. Alyssa Milano does, in fact, continue her reign of terror.

8:34 If anyone was going to get a hit of off Beckett it was Vlad Guerrero.

8:40 Lackey is out, Ervin Santana is in. Santana is a good pitcher that showed a lot of promise in years past, but has had a crappy year.

8:43 TBS guy (I still don’t know their names), on Dustin Pedroia: “He has incredible baseball IQ” and then he swings and misses on a pitch high and away. Nothing like the inconvenient truth to blow up in your face.

8:45 I like the FakeChecks.Org commercials. I don’t like the Frank TV commercials.

8:49 The Angels made it to the playoffs with guys like Howie Kendrick and Mike Napolli on their roster. Sure enough, Kendrick comes through with the Halos’ third hit of the night.

8:54 Papelbon’s in the pen. Will the Halos score a run to earn him a save? Beckett’s been lights out, but he’s over 100 pitches already. And he did just get a call in his last pitch to end the top of the 8th.

9:00 Through 8, it’s been all Red Sox.

9:03 Beckett’s back out, eyeing the complete-game shout-out. Jacoby Ellsbury is making sure that’ll hapen, robbing Figgins of a hit. And as I type, Cabrera grounds out to Beckett.

9:06 Anderson flys out after Vlad gets his second hit. Game, set, match.


Clearly, the game was Beckett’s to lose, but he didn’t. He was dominating. Kept hitters off balance by throwing fast balls all over the strike zone and mixing in his off-speed pitches. Red Sox hitters got to Lackey quick and with Beckett on the mound it was a almost shoo-in for victory.

That’s it for tonight! Thanks for reading!

3 Responses to “So it begins: The ALDS live blog – Angels vs. Red Sox”

  1. Ridgway may actually be the real deal, as he has never recorded a Major League out. Even one run allowed, let alone three, would be enough for the Divide By Zero Infinite ERA clause to tear a hole in the baseball multiverse.

  2. Sarah Green says:

    Alejandro, Dustin striking out in that moment wasn’t an inconvenient truth about a lack of baseball IQ, as you implied. I mean, he’s still one of the hardest guys to strike out in the league. It was just the foul curse of national broadcast announcers. Like right after they noted that Beckett had set down 19 Angels in a row, and Vladi rapped the next pitch for a hit. Thaaaanks, announcer-men.

    Similarly, Julio Lugo obligingly got thrown out trying to steal (though on the replay, he looked safe) after I wrote about the Sox having a better SB% than the Angels earlier today. But that was just because Lugo likes to spite me.

  3. Nick Kapur says:

    Julio Lugo just likes to spite in general.

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