In a spirit of hope, I submit for your perusal photos of the Red Sox celebrating their AL East title at Game On, a sports bar (aka spahts bah) in Boston. Yes, after the wild shenanigans of the on-field celebration, which saw Mike Timlin spraying fans with champagne, Papelbon doing Irish jigs in his sliding shorts, and Alex Cora crowd surfing, the boys decided to have an after party.  These photos have already gotten some play on other sites, but I didn’t see them until today, so maybe you haven’t seen them before either. And if everyone who loves the Red Sox sees these photos before tonight’s game, and we all think happy thoughts, then maybe, just maybe, we’ll be seeing more such celebrations down the road. Thanks, SteGold.

Youk and Pedroia: here to serve you, ladies!

That’s a big bottle for such a little guy… 

But your Rookie of the Year can handle it!

Utility infielder and life of the party Alex Cora leads the crowd in a round of shots… 

…and rookie phenom Clay Buchholz follows along. Is that Jaeger?!

Meanwhile, Papelbon plays DJ and sings karaoke. (That’s Mrs. Papelbon hiding her face in shame behind him.)

It doesn’t take long for Cora, Beckett, and Lowell to join in.

But never fear! Captain Varitek is keeping an eye on things while babysitting shy-guy Matsuzaka in the corner…

….and it’s a good thing, because Coco Crisp was displaying his speed on the, er, “basepaths,” if you know what I’m saying, and I think you do. 

17 Responses to “More of this, please.”

  1. Sarah Green says:

    Alejandro, Dustin striking out in that moment wasn’t an inconvenient truth about a lack of baseball IQ, as you implied. I mean, he’s still one of the hardest guys to strike out in the league. It was just the foul curse of national broadcast announcers. Like right after they noted that Beckett had set down 19 Angels in a row, and Vladi rapped the next pitch for a hit. Thaaaanks, announcer-men.

    Similarly, Julio Lugo obligingly got thrown out trying to steal (though on the replay, he looked safe) after I wrote about the Sox having a better SB% than the Angels earlier today. But that was just because Lugo likes to spite me.

  2. Nick Kapur says:

    Julio Lugo just likes to spite in general.

  3. Pedroia is no bartender but he did stay with Joe Buck at a Holiday Inn Express last night. If thinking good thoughts doesn’t work for Red Sox Nation will Francona take the heat for not starting Beckett tonight? He has had success on short rest before and he only threw 85 pitches in game 1.

  4. Yup, that Pedroia, he’s a GAMER.

  5. Sarah Green says:

    I knew as soon as I saw that play go down that the photoshopping would immediately commence. Though I am extremely disappointed in Dustin, at least he has better taste in handbags than A-Rod. Sigh. What can I say? He’s a rookie, and it was a rookie move. What’s A-Rod’s excuse?

  6. Here’s the animated version in case you haven’t seen it:

  7. >> What can I say? He’s a rookie, and it was a rookie move. What’s A-Rod’s excuse? >>

    So they allow glove-slapping in Triple A? Double A? It’s gotta be single A, right?

    Help me out here, I’ve never been to a minor league game…

  8. Sarah Green says:

    Why don’t you email A-Rod and ask him. Maybe he picked it up at the All-Star Game, along with throwing elbows and shouting at opposing infielders.

    [Really, never been to a minor league game even once!?]

  9. >> Why don’t you email A-Rod and ask him. >>

    Sorry, too busy photoshopping more types of purses on Pedroia.

  10. Sarah Green says:

    He seems like a Marc Jacobs guy to me. Or maybe Dior? They have some great leather satchels.

  11. Brian Sadecki says:

    >> What can I say? He’s a rookie, and it was a rookie move. What’s A-Rod’s excuse? >>

    Amazing. You guys have harped on this for 3 entire years now. You have to own up to Lil’ Dusty’s Boner (I’m assuming that’s how this will forever be referred.) If you don’t, some people might think that Red Sox fans just might be hypocrites. Like, I don’t know, lambasting the Yankees’ payroll.

  12. Sarah Green says:

    Brian, you’re back! We missed you. Check out my “11 Random Thoughts on ALCS Game 4” posted over an hour prior to your comment for a chiding of Pedroia. No doubt you’ll feel it’s insufficient, but still. Try to keep up, mmmmkay?

  13. Brian Sadecki says:

    I had read it already.

    Are you referring to “Dustin Pedroia desperately pulled an A-Rod on the first at-bat of the game.”?

    I’m honestly not sure if you are because it’s: a) a dig at A-Rod, and b) not a chiding but more of an offhand recounting.

    But if you are willing to offer an official chiding that isn’t “so that happened” or “he’s a rookie” I’m totally receptive.

    Sorry to be gone for so long. I was on holiday.

  14. Sarah Green says:

    Hey, I called it “desperate” didn’t I? It looked more desperate than yours truly, circa June 2006, fifteen minutes before last call at The Kells.

    What more could you want?

  15. Brian Sadecki says:

    If all that was said about ARod’s swipe was that it was “desperate” this wouldn’t be an issue.

    I want sweet, sweet comeuppance. I have no idea what form that would take. Maybe the Red Sox oversight committee can issue an impeachment plea for Jerry Remy.

    And I think it’s worth noting that ARod’s swipe actually worked. That’s the difference between a first ballot HOFer and PopWarner Pedroia. MVP! MVP!

    Also, I’m sure you were a perfect lady.

  16. Sarah Green says:

    But he was out, dude. A-Rod was out. It didn’t work! And I have higher standards for Mr. Highest-Paid-Ballplayer-Ever-Ohmygod-All-Star than I do for the Rookie of the Year. I think that’s fair.

    And for the record, I ain’t no lady.

  17. Brian Sadecki says:

    Yea. But the ball fell out of the glove. You can’t teach that. But they say power develops last so maybe with time…

    And I don’t see what A-Rod being a better baseball player has anything to do with it. It’s the exact same thing yet you’re willing to make an excuse for Pedroia. Just own it.

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