Or how in an alternate universe, Joe Torre was still the manager, and Edgar Rentería was the shortstop.

49_entrevista_renteria.jpgFunny how offseasons tend to blossom into intricate plot lines involving family affairs, turned-down deals, resignings and such. We all know that the future for Joe Torre, whatever that may be, will not involve navy pinstripes.

But we didn’t know this: Joe Torre wanted to manage Rentería as a Yankee.

Huh? For one, Edgar wasn’t aware of such theory, not until he made his customary offseason trek back to his native Colombia for some R&R. According to an interview with El Tiempo, the country’s largest daily, such possibility existed. What’s more, Torre wanted to platoon Jeter with Rentería.

¿Se enteró que Joe Torre dijo que le gustaría dirigirlo en los Yankees?

Nunca supe eso. Me entero ahora que regreso a Colombia porque todo el mundo en Bogotá (fue a ver el partido de fútbol entre Colombia y Brasil) me preguntó por ese tema.

¿Y usted qué cree?

No creo. (Derek) Jeter es el paracortos de los Yankees y, de verdad, no necesitan otro paracortos.

Torres (sic) dijo a la prensa que para alternarse…

Ni Jeter ni yo podemos estar alternarnos. Él y yo somos jugadores de todos los días.

In a nutshell:

ET: Did you know Torre wanted to manage you with the Yankees?

Edgar: I never heard of that. I find out now that I’m back in Colombia with everyone asking me about it during the Colombia – Brazil soccer match.

ET: What do you think about it?

ER: I don’t. Jeter is the Yankees’ shortstop and truthfully, they don’t need another shorstop.

ET: Torre told the media that he could platoon…

ER: Neither Jeter or I can platoon. We both are everyday players.

I’m not sure how surprising this is. My brother insists he heard something like this before. But the fact that Rentería didn’t know about it speaks for itself.

I interviewed Rentería before the 2006 season, so I know he’s a straight-shooter, no-nonsense kinda guy (or maybe it was the fact that he was taking BP and I threw him a bunch of softballs). Whatever the case, Rentería’s not the kind of guy that gives a reporter a bone to chew on. Until now.

In that same interview with El Tiempo, Rentería reveals that he feels the Braves should trade him for a few young arms:

A usted le falta un año del contrato con los Bravos. ¿Pero qué hay posible ida a los Tigres de Detroit, por ejemplo?

Sí, soy de los Bravos; pero puede haber cambio. Si Atlanta es inteligente me debe cambiar por buenos lanzadores. Atlanta tiene un paracortos (el cubano Yunel Escobar) que puede jugar en el puesto. Pero si quiere ir a postemporada puede hacer mi cambio y tener al equipo para pelear el otro año.

If the Braves want to make the postseason, he says, they should trade me and have the team ready for next year.

And with the Tigers moving error-prone Carlos Guillen to first base because his “knees are weak,” there might be a Leyland-Rentería reunion in Detroit.

With Andruw Jones not coming back, it seems, the new Braves GM will have his hands full this offseason.

5 Responses to “Edgar Rentería thinks the Braves ought to be smart”

  1. Nick Kapur says:

    This is fascinating stuff, Alejandro! I wonder if Renteria would ever speak his opinion that plainly in the US, or if he is only being so straightforward with the Colombian media because he figures it will never make it back to the US…

  2. Alejandro Leal says:

    What really amazes me is that the Colombian press – well, that paper really – is so gullible to believe the Torre thing and to ask him about it as if it were a real a real possibility. In some ways, I think they were trying to start something up. Coincidentally, they did!

    I think Rentería didn’t realize us Colombian baseball bloggers (I wonder how many, really…) were going to pounce on this.

  3. Just to be clear, Renteria never suggested the Braves trade him to the Tigers, right? He just said the team might be better off trading him?

  4. Coley,

    The reporter suggests the Tigers as an example, due to their shifting of Guillen. When he speaks about the possiblity of a trade, he just says it would be the smart thing to do. Basically “If I were GM, I’d trade me for some good arms, since we have Escobar waiting in the wings.”

    It doesn’t sound like he is asking to be traded, but instead understands the possible reasoning of the GM who wants to make the postseason.

  5. Renteria is now a Tiger.

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